Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital & Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion

Artists rendering of the view of the Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital from the Ashley River

Schedules & Work Hours



Formal resident didactics are held every Tuesday morning from 8:30-11:30 AM.  Each week residents have two educational sessions consisting of lectures, case-based learning, simulation, ultrasound, research and statistical education.  This time is protected for resident education and no educational duties should interfere with the learning environment. 

Departmental grand rounds and morbidity and mortality conference are held bi-weekly on a rotating schedule prior to resident didactics.  Upper level residents are responsible for case selection, preparation, and presentation for M&M conference.  Grand rounds are delivered by guest speakers and faculty members of the department of OBGYN.  Journal club is held quarterly.  Second year residents present a pertinent journal article of their choice with the help of a faculty mentor.   

Resident Call Schedule

Residents of all levels complete 8 total weeks of a night float rotation split into two 4-week blocks.  The 1st, 2nd, and 4th year resident work Sunday through Thursday night at the Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital/Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion covering labor and delivery, postpartum, antepartum and pediatric GYN consults.  The 3rd year resident works Sunday through Friday night at the Main MUSC Hospital two blocks away covering gynecology, gynecologic oncology, and consults.

Weekend call is split into two shifts.  One resident works 12 hours overnight Friday and 12 hours on Sunday during the day.  A second resident works a 24- hour shift from Saturday morning to Sunday morning.  Call is divided evenly within a class.  Most residents are on call 2 weekends a month with 2 weekends off. 


 4  8 weeks  4  4  8 weeks  4
 L&D  NF  Antepartum  Family Planning  GYN ONC  GYN/UroGyn  L&D  NF
 4  8 weeks  8 weeks  8 weeks  8 weeks  4
 Antepartum  GYN ONC  GYN  Spartanburg  REI  NF  Elective  NF
 8 weeks  8 weeks  8 weeks  8 weeks  4  4  4  4
 L&D  NF  GYN  GYN ONC  OPS  Coverage  L&D  NF
 4  4  8 weeks  8 weeks  8 weeks  8 weeks  4  4

PGY1: GYN (8 weeks), GYN ONC (8 weeks), L&D (4 weeks x 2), Night Float (4 weeks x 2), Postpartum (4 weeks x 2), REI (4 weeks), ED (4 weeks)

1st years also get exposure to reproductive infectious disease for one half day a week during their postpartum rotation.  Additionally, they spend two half days a week during postpartum in our ultrasound suite perfecting their skills.

PGY2: GYN (8 weeks), GYN ONC (8 weeks), L&D (4 weeks x 2), Night Float (4 weeks x 2), Family Planning (8 weeks), Antepartum (8 weeks)

PGY3: GYN (8 weeks), GYN ONC (8 weeks), Night Float (4 weeks x 2), Antepartum (8 weeks), Spartanburg GYN (8 weeks), REI (4 weeks), Elective (4 weeks)

PGY4: GYN (8 weeks), GYN ONC (8 weeks), L&D (4 weeks x 2), Night Float (4 weeks x 2), Outpatient Clinic/Surgery (8 weeks), Coverage (8 weeks)

Description of Rotations

Labor & Delivery/Night Float: The L&D floor is covered by a 1st, 2nd, and 4th year resident in addition to a Certified Nurse Midwife and Attending physician daily.  On L&D the 1st year is responsible for vaginal deliveries, primary cesarean sections, and triage visits with assistance from the 2nd and 4th year residents as needed.  The second-year resident performs all repeat cesarean sections and other obstetric procedures including cerclage placement, cordocentesis, external cephalic version, amniocentesis as needed. 

Postpartum: The postpartum service is covered by a 1st year resident and a Certified Nurse Midwife.  Together they round on the service daily and care for the patients as appropriate.  In the afternoon the 1st year resident spends time split between ultrasound, reproductive infectious disease clinic, family medicine clinic, and continuity clinic.

Gynecology: The gynecology service is covered by a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year resident daily.  Responsibilities include daily rounding, coverage of all GYN operating rooms, and consults.  Residents also run a weekly colposcopy clinic supervised by an attending physician.  The 2nd year on gynecology participates in all Urogynecology cases and attends outpatient urogynecology clinic once a week.  The 3rd year also participates in OR cases and outpatient clinic at the VA hospital. 

Gynecologic Oncology: The GYN ONC service is covered by a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year resident.  Daily responsibilities include rounding, coverage of all GYN ONC operating rooms, consults, and assistance in GYN ONC clinic. 

Emergency Department: During 1st year each resident spends 1 month rotating in the ED.  Residents complete approximately 18, 8-hour shifts in the ED functioning as an ED resident.  During this rotation you have no OBGYN responsibilities. 

REI: Residents spend 4 weeks during 1st and 3rd year rotating with 4 faculty REI physicians at Coastal Fertility Specialists.  During this rotation they are exposed to infertility counseling, workup, and management.  Additionally, they observe in infertility procedures including hysterosalpingograms, intrauterine inseminations, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, and transvaginal ultrasound. 

Antepartum: The inpatient antepartum service is covered by a 2nd and 3rd year resident.  Daily responsibilities include rounding and consultations.  Each resident also spends one half day per week with a Maternal Fetal Medicine attending in clinic seeing high risk obstetrical patients.

Family Planning: MUSC is a Ryan Residency Training Program and offers residents the full scope of family planning.  During this 8-week rotation 2nd year residents run a family planning clinic specializing in complex contraceptive management, early pregnancy failure, and induced termination.  One day per week is spent in the operating room performing surgical sterilization and pregnancy terminations.  Additionally, residents spend one day per week at Planned Parenthood. 

Spartanburg GYN: During 3rd year residents rotate for 8 weeks in Spartanburg, SC.  While there they operate with one private practice GYN Oncologist and many private practice OBGYNs assisting in a wide range of gynecologic procedures. Residents stay in a furnished MUSC owned condominium that is 5 miles from the hospital.

Elective: Residents receive 4 weeks of elective time during their third year.  Time is often spent completing away rotations, participating in international or domestic OBGYN experiences, or as intensive research time.

Outpatient Clinic/Surgery: The “OPS” rotation offers 4th year residents a taste of life after residency.  With 2 ½ clinic days a week and 2 OR days a week with a private practice Gynecologic Oncologist at Roper Hospital residents experience the full spectrum of life as an OBGYN.

Coverage: For 8 weeks during 4th year residents float between various services based on volume and need.