Research Project 3: Onder Albayram, PhD

Dr. Albayram's project explores the role of the neuroimmune complement system in the disruption of neurotypical development produced by neonatal brain injury. His project provides molecular mechanistic insights and candidate therapeutic evaluation, which could lead to future treatments. His project will utilize the CNDD cores. Dr. Steve Tomlinson will serve as his primary mentor. His external mentor is Dr. Rebekah Mannix from Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital (see LOS). Specific contribution to CNDD: Dr. Albayram will provide the CNDD with an important translational research perspective and advanced knowledge of neuroimmune biology. His research interests align well with Drs. Cowan, Tomlinson, Lang, Kautz, and several others, and his molecular mechanistic and therapeutic approaches add an important aspect to the CNDD group that will increase overall competitiveness for future program project grants. Finally, his extensive experience with mouse behavior makes him an ideal Associate Director of the MBPC.