Vacation & Benefits

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Annual compensation for residents is in accordance with the compensation that goes in effect on July 1 of each year. Paychecks are received on the last working day of the month.

Resident Salaries for Academic Year 2021-2022:

  • PGY-1 $54,834
  • PGY-2 $56,698
  • PGY-3 $59,155
  • PGY-4 $61,022
  • PGY-5 $63,405 

Annual Leave (Vacation)

All full-time residents receive three weeks annual leave per year which can be used during continuity clinic, consult, or elective blocks. Each resident also receives an additional 4 days of vacation at either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  

Sick Leave

All full-time residents received 15 days of sick leave per year. Sick leave can be used for personal illness, disability or injury and for medical, dental or optional appointments. Sick leave cannot accrue from one year to the next.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

A combination of sick and annual leave can be used for maternity leave for a total of six weeks annually. A total of two weeks sick leave can be used for paternity leave annually. Leave time must be approved by the program director and chief resident. Leave time beyond the two or six weeks will be considered unpaid leave. This request must be approved by the Program Director in writing, in advance. Any Resident who is on Maternity/Paternity Leave may be required to "make up" time missed while on leave in accordance with the RRC Board Eligibility requirements.


Health insurance is offered to residents for a monthly premium. Spouse and/or child(ren) can be covered under any one of the four plans for an additional charge.

Dental insurance is offered to residents at no cost. Spouse and/or child(ren) can be covered for an additional charge.

Basic life and basic long-term disability insurance are provided to the resident if they enroll in health insurance. The resident may choose to add optional term life insurance or supplemental long-term disability insurance for a monthly premium. The resident may also elect life insurance for spouse and/or child(ren) at an additional charge. 

The hospital also provides a disability policy under a group plan with a maximum of $600 per month benefit. Accidental death, dismemberment and loss of sight insurance carry a double indemnity of $6000.

The hospital maintains malpractice insurance for residents. The coverage provides total limits of $100,000 for each house-staff member, with a $1,000,000 umbrella.


All MUSC residents and fellows are provided with an Apple iPhone X, or newer, with unlimited data. This phone serves as your official pager and work phone for the three years of training. Upon completion, the phone is yours to keep.

Each year the department purchases jackets and/or vests with the MUSC logo and personalized with your name. You will also receive two personalized white coats upon arrival intern year.

Parking at the on-site garage is paid for all internal medicine residents.

USMLE Step 3 is reimbursed by the department after taking the exam.

Presentations at conferences are reimbursed. You will be reimbursed up to $1,200 per conference if your research or clinical vignette was presented.

Membership at the MUSC Wellness Center is included for residents.

Residents are allotted $60 per month to use at their discretion at campus cafeterias and coffee shops. Additional food vouchers to local restaurants are provided for overnight call shifts.

Residents are eligible to participate in one of two State Retirement Plans. If they elect to participate, they are eligible for a group life benefit equal to their annual salary after one year of employment. Residents are also eligible to participate in one of the approved voluntary retirement plans.

Detailed benefits information can be reviewed on the University Benefits website.

Student Wellness Center

Residents are given a complimentary membership to the Student Wellness Center through their departments. This membership covers all aspects of the fitness center from free weights to an Olympic swimming pool. Memberships for spouses and dependents (age 18 or older) may be obtained for an additional charge.

Graduate Medical Education

Find more information on graduate medical education here.