Emergency Medicine Informatics


Jeanhyong Park, M.D., FACEP
Director of EM Clinical Informatics
Director of Innovation, Emergency Telemedicine Services

The Division of Informatics has been at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare delivery in our region since its inception in 2008 by trailblazers Christine M. Carr, MD, and Steven H. Saef, MD. With a laser focus on enhancing patient outcomes and streamlining processes, our division has pioneered the implementation, evaluation, and expansion of Health Information Exchange. This visionary approach has not only tackled the challenge of fragmented care but has also led to tangible improvements such as a reduction in duplicative testing, shorter ED lengths of stay, and fewer preventable hospital admissions.

In 2022, under the stewardship of Andrew J. Matuskowitz, MD, the division continued its legacy of innovation. Building upon this foundation, in 2023, Jeanhyong Danny Park, MD, assumed leadership, igniting a new era of transformation. Dr. Park's dynamic leadership is evident through his chairing of the ED IS Governance Board, where he spearheads initiatives to optimize our EHR systems, fostering efficiency and efficacy. Collaborating seamlessly with the MUSC Office of Information Solutions (IS) and the Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Dr. Park is driving forward groundbreaking pilots of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence. These initiatives are tangible manifestations of our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled patient care and propelling our Emergency Department into the future of medicine.