SCORE Funding Opportunities

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Pilot Project Program

The Pilot Project Program funds four to five projects per year from a variety of departments, covering a wide range of topic areas outside of the addictions field. In the past four years, we have funded investigators from the Departments of Medicine (Cardiology), Pathology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience to conduct sex- and gender-focused studies in areas ranging from traumatic brain injury to the microbiome.  Applications are not currently being accepted.

Career Enhancement Core (CEC) Scholar Program

The CEC enhances and expands foundational research training for Early Stage Investigators dedicated to clinical and translational research on stress-related sex and gender differences via a mix of formal didactic modules, “hands-on” experiential learning opportunities, and inter-program research offerings leveraging the rich portfolio of training programs and research expertise across the MUSC campus. The SCORE CEC focuses on facilitating the development of skills in multiple domains, including:(1) knowledge and skills to conduct research focused on sex and gender differences; (2) scientific knowledge and professional development; (3) fundamental research skills; (4) dissemination and presentation of research findings; and (5) scientific writing.  Applications are being accepted until July 5th, 2024- for more information please click here.