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Scholarship Applications

Apply for an Incoming/Current Students Scholarship

Although federal aid is the primary source used by most medical students to pay for medical school, the MUSC College of Medicine offers a variety of scholarships to assist with the financial burden of medical school.  Some scholarships are merit-based, others are need-based, but the primary goal of our scholarship program is to maximize all available funds to assist students in lowering their overall educational indebtedness.

How and When to Apply:

Accepted and continuing medical students will receive a scholarship email in mid-January with information and directions on how to apply online at (link to website inserted here..).  As noted on the application, the final deadline for submission of this scholarship application is March 31.

Review Process: 

All applications are reviewed by a Scholarship Committee. comprised of various COM faculty, and members of the offices of Admissions, Diversity, Development, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Student Accounting, and the Medical University Foundation. Academics and financial need, as well as, exemplary characteristics in cultural awareness and compassion, leadership, a background of overcoming obstacles, and published research are all considered by the Scholarship Committee when selecting students for scholarships. Most students qualify, in some way, for many of the scholarships, but the Committee is responsible for determining who best meets the specifications of each scholarship.  The number of scholarships awarded each year depends on the number of students who apply and the amount of available funding.

Scholarship Notification:

Newly accepted students are notified of scholarship awards by mid-April.  Continuing students are notified by mid-May.  The submission of one scholarship application per year is all that is required to remain eligible for additional scholarships that may become available after the main award process has ended.

Current Scholarships: 

A list of the endowed scholarships, available for COM students through the MUSC Foundation, is found below.  This list is updated as often as possible, but some scholarships may not be available on an annual basis due to changes in the fund’s corpus amount.  Specific questions regarding scholarships may be directed to the officers listed on the Scholarship Application.


Questions concerning scholarships should be directed to:

Wanda Taylor
Assistant Dean for Scholarship Support and Development

Charlotte Kerr, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions

Scholarship Opportunities

AMA Foundation Scholars Fund: The SC Medical Association Alliance raises funds for the AMA Foundation to provide scholarships for medical students with academic excellence and/or financial need.  Students awarded these scholarships are recommended to the AMA by the Dean’s office.   Recipients may be chosen in any year of their enrollment.

Arnold Endowed Scholarship: Established by Dr. J. Harold Arnold in honor of his fiancée, Ms. Ruth S. Robinson, who was killed tragically in an automobile accident.  This scholarship is awarded to a medical student from South Carolina who has financial need.

Ralph Coleman Scholarship: Awarded to a rising 4th year student who best exemplifies qualities of studiousness, knowledge and a compassion for patients.  This scholarship was established by Mrs. Florence Horowitz in memory of Ralph Coleman, who was “one of the most extraordinary teachers that I have had in my life in medicine.”

James B. Edwards Scholarship: Awarded annually to two incoming students, these scholarships provide merit-based scholarships of $5,000 per year, plus a waiver of tuition and fees.  This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate superb intellectual qualifications and outstanding potential for leadership in the study and practice of medicine. Qualified students throughout the United States are eligible; however, preference is given to South Carolina residents. The award remains in effect for four years, assuming the student maintains high academic performance and fulfills the promise of excellence. Students to be awarded these scholarships are recommended by members of the Admissions Committee. The Edwards Scholars Program was established in 1991 to honor James B. Edwards, an oral surgeon from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina who has dedicated much of his life to public service. His distinguished career includes service as Governor of South Carolina, US Secretary of Energy, State Legislator and President of the Medical University of South Carolina. A significant portion of the endowment funds earmarked for Edwards Scholars came from Dr. Edwards’ friends, colleagues, and associates in appreciation of his leadership and service. The following named scholarships fall under the James B. Edwards Scholars Program: Marguerite A. Muller, Dr. Samuel Madison Pitts, and Anne Marie Kathryn White.

James B. Edwards Award: Awarded annually to two incoming students, these scholarships provide merit-based scholarships of $10,000 per year for four years of medical school.  Students receiving these awards must have superb intellectual qualifications and outstanding potential for leadership.  Recommendations for the recipients of these awards are made by the Admissions Committee.

College of Medicine Dean’s Award: For two outstanding incoming students, a waiver of tuition and fees is awarded for the four years of medical school. Students to be awarded these Dean’s Awards are recommended to the Scholarship Board by the Admissions Committee.

Dr. Luther George Bell Scholarships: These scholarships were established by Dr. Bell in 1973, and later by a trust fund by Dr. Bell and his wife Mary Carter Bell in 1980, to provide scholarships for South Carolina residents already admitted to the College who are “of such limited means that they would be unable to study medicine at MUSC without financial assistance.” The request was made, but not directed by Dr. Bell, that students repay 10% of the total amount awarded within ten years after their graduation.

John W. Cathcart, M.D. Endowed Scholarship: Established in memory of Dr. Cathcart by his wife, Margaret Cathcart, and daughter and son-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Reves.  Dr. Reves is a former Dean of the College of Medicine and a distinguished University Professor.  This four-year merit-based scholarship is awarded to an entering medical student with strong scholastic ability.

Charleston County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship: Awarded annually to a nursing and a medical student who are worthy and needy.  Recipients must be natives of, and currently residing in, Charleston County.

Chi Delta Chapter of Phi Rho Sigma Fraternity Scholarships Fund: A scholarship is awarded annually to the medical student who has the highest score on Step I of the National Boards at the end of the second year.

Deans’ Awards: These awards were made possible by a special fund established by the six college deans and the Office of the Provost in response to the rising costs of professional education.  A number of scholarships are awarded annually to students with high educational debt.

Rene Debacker & Hilda Spodheim Debacker Scholarship: Scholarship established by Dr. Hilda Debacker, a former professor of Anatomy at MUSC, to be awarded to a rising second year medical student who has excelled academically.

The Joseph W. and Celia B. Dobson Scholarship and the Dewey F. and Alice Mary Mollomo Scholarship: Four awards are given annually by Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dobson in memory of their parents to rising second year medical students, in need of financial assistance, who are in the upper 25% of the class. Usually, two students receive both scholarships. There is no requirement for repayment but it is the expectation of the donors that recipients, when financially able, will make similar scholarships available to capable and needy medical students in their area of specialty.

Fullerton Foundation Scholarship: Each year the Scholarship Board nominates an incoming student who demonstrates and projects the potential for development into a highly capable professional, who is concerned with the total welfare of society. The nominee must be a SC resident, have an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher, a minimum score of 8 on each of the three MCAT sections, and a writing sample score of “O” or better. If selected by the Foundation, the student receives $25,000 per year to help cover tuition, fees and living expenses throughout medical school. The nominee for this scholarship is selected by the Scholarship Board in early February.

David B. Gregg Memorial Scholarship: This four-year scholarship, based on academic merit and outstanding citizenship, is awarded to an incoming medical student. 

Dewitt L. Harper, M.D., F.A.C.S. Scholarship Fund: Established in memory of Dr. Harper by his brother Caldwell Harper, this scholarship assists medical students who demonstrate leadership, academic excellence and outstanding character.

Hanna Endowed Scholarship: Established by the David R. and Margaret C. Clair Foundation in honor of Dr. Charles D Hanna, Sr. and his wife Lenay B. Hanna of Spartanburg, SC.  Dr. Hanna is a longtime member of the MUSC Board of Trustees.  This is a merit based scholarship.

Theodore Culyer Harper Scholarship: Established by the nephews of Dr. Harper, this scholarship is awarded to a medical student with financial need and a strong academic background.

Louise Mickel Harvey Scholarship: Awarded to a female student entering the College of Medicine who demonstrates financial need and academic excellence.  Recipient must be a SC resident, preferably from Kershaw County.  This scholarship is presented by Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Camden, SC.

Hope Family Scholarship: Established from the estate of Dr. A. Chalmers Hope – funds provide either for a scholarship to be awarded to a deserving medical student or to an endowed faculty chair.

Drs. Katherine Browne Huggin and Perry McKown Huggin Scholarship: Scholarship established by the Huggin family (one son and two daughters) to be awarded to a deserving medical student.  Dr. Katherine Huggin was born in Anderson, SC and graduated from the Medical College of SC in 1929.  Dr. Perry Huggin was born in Laurens, SC and graduated from the Medical College of SC in 1930.  Both had distinguished careers that spanned generations.

Allen H. Johnson, Sr., M.D. Scholarship: Established in memory of Dr. Johnson by his son, Dr. Allen H. Johnson, Jr., this is a four-year, need-based scholarship, which is awarded to an entering first year student. The award is given to SC residents of Georgetown or Williamsburg counties or SC residents of Florence or Marion counties within 15 miles of Hemingway.

Helen M. King Medical Scholarship Endowment: Awarded every four years to an incoming medical student; based on academic merit and financial need. The student awarded this scholarship is recommended to the Scholarship Board by the Admissions Committee.

Marvin and Cleo T. McAlhany Scholarship: This endowed scholarship was established in 1992 by Mrs. Cleo T. McAlhany in memory of her husband, Marvin McAlhany, in honor of their treasured friend, Dr. James Young White, a 1951 graduate of the College of Medicine, Dr. White provided untiring and faithful care to countless individuals in upper Dorchester County for many years.  Preference for this award is given to students from upper Dorchester County with limited financial means.   Students receiving this scholarship must be in good academic standing.

Landrum McCarrell Scholarship: Scholarship provided for a medical student from Greenville County with preference given to students from the Travelers Rest area.

May Family Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to practice in SC and who is expected to bring distinction to the profession, the College of Medicine, and the community in which he or she lives and serves.

Dr. Edward E. McKee Scholarship Fund: This fund was established in memory of Dr. McKee in 1980 to be awarded to a medical student who has successfully completed the second year. This is to enable a student to travel to a pathology or scientific allied laboratory (immunology, pathological chemistry) in North America or abroad.  The awarding of this scholarship is managed through the College of Graduate Studies.

MUSC College of Medicine Alumni Class Scholarships: Currently there are a large number of class scholarships available to outstanding College of Medicine students. These awards are made to students who show a presence that will enrich the entire university and whose accomplishments as physicians and citizens will bring future distinction to their alma mater. Students awarded these scholarships receive them annually until graduation (if funds are available). Scholarships are from the classes of 1945, 1946, 1948, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958,  1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1994.

Dr. W. L. Mills Scholarship: Established by Dr. Mills, this scholarship is awarded annually to a fourth year medical student from South Carolina who has exhibited dedication to medicine, strong scholastic ability, and financial need.

Maria and Constantine Moskos Scholarship: Established by Dr. Vasiliki Moskos, in memory of her parents, as a tribute to their strong belief in education.  This is a merit and need based scholarship awarded to an entering female medical student (descendants of Maria and Constantine Moskos and/or a student with Greek descent preferred).

Dr. Sol and Evelyn Rudowitz Neidich Endowed Scholarship: Scholarship established from a bequest by Dr. and Mrs. Neidich to provide assistance to medical students in financial need.

Dr. E. Conyers O’Bryan, Jr. Scholarship: Based solely on merit, this scholarship is awarded every four years to a first year student from South Carolina who demonstrates superb intellectual qualifications and outstanding potential for leadership in the study and practice of medicine. The student to be awarded this scholarship is recommended to the Scholarship Board by the Admissions Committee.

Woodrow and Geneva Oxner Endowed Scholarship: Established by Dr. Claudia Oxner Simmons, College of Medicine Class of 1956, in memory of her parents who made great sacrifices in order for her to obtain a medical degree. This is a need-based scholarship.

J. Dill Pittman: Established by Marvyne S. Pittman in loving memory of her husband, J. Dill Pittman from Lancaster County. Several scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of merit and need for current medical students.

Pitts-Aiken AOA Scholarship: Recipient of this award is selected by a Committee of AOA members.  Award is based on an outstanding academic record and overall credentials.  Student must show potential for leadership in medicine and the community.  The scholarship is renewed annually if student remains in the top 25%of the class.

Proctor Family Scholarship: Scholarship established by Dr. and Mrs. Edward Proctor to award to a worthy medical student with financial need.

Provost’s Scholarships: Three merit-based scholarships, awarded annually, to students who are academically outstanding in their classes (second, third, and fourth year students are considered).

Jerry and Jenny Reves Diversity Scholarship: Established by the College of Medicine faculty and University Medical Associates in honor of College of Medicine alumnus and former dean, Dr. Jerry Reves (COM '69), and his wife Jenny. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to under-represented in medicine medical students.  Recipients will be chosen by the College of Medicine Scholarship Committee. The criteria for selection will be financial need and academic merit.

Rich Scholarship: Established by Mary D. Rich in memory of her father, John Christopher Rich, M.D.; a number of scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of merit and need.

Rodman-Rohde Scholarship: Established by Dr. E. Marie Roberts in honor of Mrs. Jesse Rodman and Mrs. Josie Rohde for their kindness during Dr. Roberts’ three years of medical school.  Recipients must be female students in the College of Medicine whose presence will enrich the entire University and whose contributions as physicians and citizens will bring distinction to their profession, alma mater, and communities in which they live and serve.

John T. Stevens Scholarship Fund: This scholarship was established through a grant by the John T. Stevens Foundation in 1972. This award is available to MUSC students from Kershaw and Lancaster counties.  To encourage awardees to practice in those counties upon graduation, they are asked to sign a contract for five years of service in lieu of repaying the loan.

Kenneth W. Smith, M.D. Endowed Scholarship: Awarded to a student in the College of Medicine who possesses the qualities of intellectual capability and integrity. This award is given in honor of Dr. Smith by his wife, Mrs. Kelley Smith. The recipient must be a resident of South Carolina and possess strong academic merit.

Palmira Silva Snape, M.D. Scholarship: Established by Palmira Silva Snape (COM '64), a family physician from Easley, South Carolina. Recipients of this scholarship shall be selected on the basis of financial need with preference given to students wishing to pursue a career in family medicine.

Tatum Endowed Scholarship: Awarded to outstanding students in the College of Medicine whose presence will enrich the entire University and whose contributions as physicians and citizens will bring distinction to their profession, alma mater, and communities in which they live and serve.

Dr. Allan George Thurmond Scholarship: This scholarship was established by U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond in honor of his brother. It is awarded annually to a worthy and needy student who is entering the Medical University for the first year, pursuing a course of study leading to an M.D. degree, and who is a legal resident of South Carolina.

Jean Wilson Endowed Scholarship: Awarded to students in the College of Medicine who demonstrate both the desire and intellectual ability to excel in the study of medicine.  Qualified students throughout the U.S. are eligible; however; preference is given to SC residents.  Preference is also given to students who show an outstanding caring attitude for patients.

June O. Yarborough/Francis Marion College Scholarship: This fund was established by friends of the late Mr. Yarborough, a former member of the MUSC Board of Trustees, for graduates of Francis Marion College who will pursue health careers at MUSC. A qualified student is recommended by MUSC and the award is approved by the President of FMU.