COCA Research Resources

COCA Vectors

Gene knockdown vectors
pAAV-shRNA and GFP or mCherry expression vectors

• AAV-Luciferase shRNA-eGFP
• AAV-Scn1b shRNA-eGFP,
• AAV-Hdac5 shRNA-eGFP
• AAV-Scn4b shRNA-eGFP
• AAV-mGluR5 shRNA-eGFP
• AAV-nNos shRNA-eGFP
• AAV-truncated from of TrkB shRNA-eGFP
• AAV-3-integrin shRNA-mCherry
• AAV-Scramble shRNA (Control for -3-integrin)-mCherry

pAAV-Cre-dependent shRNA (ON) and GFP (OFF) vectors
• AAV-Cre dependent Luciferase shRNA (Control)-eGFP(off)-mCherry
• AAV-Cre dependent Hdac5 shRNA-eGFP(off)-mCherry

pAAV-miRNA expression vectors
• AAV-Scramble miRNA (Control)-eGFP
• AAV-Cofilin miRNA-eGFP

pAAV-Cre-dependent shRNA (ON) and mCherry (ON) vectors
• AAV-Flex-3-integrin shRNA-mCherry
• AAV-Flex-Scramble shRNA (Control)-mCherry

Gene expression vectors
pAAV-gene overexpression vector

• AAV-Hdac5 expression vector (Wild-type, 3SA mutation, deltaMEF2 binding domain mutation, CSCS, 3SA+CSCS, CS, CS, enzymatic dead mutant),
• AAV-Hdac3 vector

pAAV-Cre-dependent gene overexpression vector
• AAV-Flex-Hdac5 (Wild-type, CSCS mutation)
• AAV-Cre-dependent PKI-Homer1a-P2A-tdTomato
• AAV-Cre-dependent Homer1a-P2A-tdTomato
• AAV-Cre-dependent tdTomato

pAAV-Cre-dependent fos-activity dependent gene overexpression vector
• AAV-pFos-DIO-iFipO

Please reach out to Dr. Makoto Taniguchi to request to share the vector or vector sequence information.