Meet the Team

We provide access to highly trained and dedicated staff with expertise in all aspects of cellular therapy and cGMP phase I/II clinical trials. In addition to technical experience, we have extensive QA/QC knowledge to secure FDA compliance during the development of each cellular product. For more information, contact Tara Duke, MLS (ASCP)cm,  QA Director, at or 843-792-6468.

Meet Our Directors

Prabhakar Baliga, MDPrabhakar Baliga, M.D., Medical Director 



William Lancaster MDWilliam Lancaster, M.D. Associate Medical Director



Shikhar Mehrotra, PhDShikhar Mehrotra , Ph.D., Co-Scientific Director Oncology and Immunotherapy Programs: Research interests include T cell biology, Activation Induced Cell Death of a T cell (AICD), T cell development in immunity and tolerance, identification of high-affinity TCR for prostate cancer, role of cytokines in T cell persistence. 

Hongjun Wang PhDHongjun Wang, Ph.D., Co-Scientific Director Islet Processing and Stem Cell Therapy Programs: The Wang Laboratory focuses on pancreatic islet cell biology and transplantation immunology in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis.