Forensic Pathology Fellowship

Program Description

Prepare for a lifetime career in the field of Forensic Pathology at the Medical University of South Carolina in beautiful Charleston, winner of Conde Nast Travel “Best City in America” 2011 to 2013. The ACGME accredited one-year fellowship is offered to one applicant each academic year. The full-time program is located within a large, 750 bed academic medical center where extensive pathology specialist consultants are available. Trainees are responsible, under direct supervision, of autopsies (approximately 250) and external examinations, microscopic evaluation of tissues, interpretation of toxicology, completion of autopsy protocols, appearances in court upon occasion, and conferences with attorneys and/or police officials. Scene investigations are performed in nearby counties. Approximately 800 autopsies, including a large percentage of homicides, are performed in a modern autopsy facility with highly experienced autopsy technicians. The cases are varied as they come both from urban and rural counties, both on the coast and inland. Trainees have the opportunity to assist in teaching police, coroners, lawyers, medical students and residents and are expected to participate in weekly conferences. Time and funding are provided for study of forensic application of anthropology, toxicology, crime scene, odontology, DNA/serology, and ballistics at nearby state or national centers. Computer and internet access are provided, and a complete medical library is on the Medical University premises. The fellow is expected to submit a forensic pathology-related article to a peer-reviewed journal for publication; ample faculty support is available for this endeavor.


Candidates must have completed an ACGME accredited AP or AP/CP residency and must be eligible to hold a medical license in South Carolina. Applications should be received by January 1st of the year preceding the year of the fellowship (18 months prior to the beginning of the fellowship).


Salary is set by University guidelines as PGY5 level. Benefits include: educational expense fund; three weeks’ vacation; educational leave; private office space; use of a laptop computer and microscope.


Nicholas I Batalis, M.D.

Russell A. Harley, M.D.

Susan E. Presnell, M.D.

Ellen C. Riemer, M.D., JD

Cynthia A. Schandl, M.D., Ph.D.

Cynthia A. Welsh, M.D.


The applications for fellowship programs can be downloaded below.

Application in MS Word Format (DOC)

Application in Adobe PDF Format (PDF)

Please remit the application to:

Nicholas I. Batalis, M.D.
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
171 Ashley Avenue, MSC 908
Charleston, SC 29425
Phone: 843-792-3121
Fax: 843-792-0555