Student Organization Events and Reimbursements

Events including meetings hosted by COM student organizations, should be documented in Engage and the COM Google Calendar. To add events to the COM Google Calendar, complete this google form.” The service and use of alcohol on the MUSC campus are prohibited at any student event hosted by a recognized student organization or other MUSC entity where students are the primary attendees. Off-campus student events that include serving of alcohol must be preapproved and student leaders must abide by the University’s Alcohol Service Policy and Responsible Hosting Guidelines and Strategies.

Approved COM student organizations are awarded funding from Student Council for events on an annual basis. Funds are not disbursed in advance; funds are given on a reimbursement basis. Funds may be used for student-related events, food, supplies for suture workshops, etc. Funds are not to be used towards alcohol. To submit a reimbursement, please complete the Student Council Reimbursement Request Form and submit required documentation as outlined on the form.

COM Student Council Reimbursement Form

COM Google Calendar