Ongoing Projects

Consultation and Mentorship Program

EQUIPTT provides consultation and support for technology-related trainings, product and resource development, including innovative training approaches, concept development, layout, iterative user-informed design, and forming partnerships with technology development teams.

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Technology-Related Products and Resources

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EQUIPTT is working to integrate the innovative use of technology, promote hybrid delivery (in person/virtual) and incorporate telehealth delivery into training activities. We will be conducting trainings and webinars to disseminate this information across the NCTSN. We are also partnering with other NCTSN sites to train providers in TF-CBT and will be leading trainings on RRFT in the future.

Risk Reduction through Family Therapy (RRFT) 

What is RRFT?

RRFT is an integrative, ecologically informed, and exposure-based approach to addressing co-occurring symptoms of PTSD (and other mental health problems), substance use problems, and other risk behaviors often experienced by trauma-exposed adolescents, developed by Dr. Carla Danielson, one of the EQUIPTT Program Staff. RRFT is novel in its integration of these components, given that standard care for trauma-exposed youth often entails treatment of substance use problems separate from treatment of other trauma-related psychopathology. RRFT is individualized to the needs, strengths, developmental factors, and cultural background of each adolescent and family. The pacing and ordering of RRFT components are flexible and determined by the needs of each family and symptom severity in each domain. Substance use (as relevant) and posttraumatic stress (PTS) symptoms are monitored throughout treatment to help track progress and guide clinical decision making. The average frequency and duration of RRFT depends on the symptom level of each youth, but typically involves 18-24 weekly, 60-90 minute sessions with periodic check-ins between scheduled appointments. 

RRFT Brochure (PDF)


EQUIPTT will be developing an online course for mental health professionals, as a first step for those interested in learning how to implement and deliver RRFT with fidelity. The course will involve step-by-step written instructions for treatment delivery and streaming video demonstrations of RRFT techniques from experts in the treatment. Additional resources for download will also be available.

RRFT Trainings

EQUIPTT will also be providing learning collaboratives on RRFT. Stay tuned for more information!

Supporting Providers and Reaching Kids (SPARK)

The SPARK team believes that technology can make it easier for mental health providers to focus on delivering best practice treatment to children everywhere. Too often, providers face challenges that make it hard for them to do what they do best – deliver optimal care. SPARK is an online and tablet-based compilation of games and activities that are used in the delivery of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). SPARK features 12 chapters that can be used by providers during individual sessions with each child. Chapters feature interactive touch screen games, such as drag-and-drop activities, drawing tools, trivia-style card games, and animated relaxation activities. This also includes activities for providers to complete with caregivers, such as an extensive collection of video clips with narration that demonstrate a wide range of effective parenting and behavior management skills.

Led by Dr. Ken Ruggiero, one of the EQUIPTT Program Staff, SPARK was developed with assistance from treatment developers, nationally certified trainers, local providers, and local families. The “Chapters” of SPARK are designed specifically to help providers navigate treatment activities that were described by trainers and providers as challenging.

EQUIPTT is developing additional tutorials and materials for providers to further support delivery of TF-CBT with high fidelity. We are also partnering with NCTSN centers to integrate SPARK into training and to promote dissemination.

Bounce Back Now (BBN)

Bounce Back Now is a free app designed to improve the emotional health of adults and families affected by a disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, or mass violence incident. BBN is designed to improve emotional well-being after a disaster with easy-to-access mobile tools that support emotional recovery and health across a range of domains, including posttraumatic stress, depression, and sleep. The tools include relaxation skills, mindfulness, scheduling pleasurable activities, monitoring and improving sleep, writing about a stressful experience, and applying various coping tools to manage stress. By practicing these skills over time, disaster victims may feel less distressed and better able to return to daily activities.

EQUIPTT will be adapting this app to an iOS platform and enhancing content to increase its applicability across diverse youth populations and a broader range of traumatic events. The app consists of education and coping skills that are relevant for youth exposed to a variety of traumatic events.