Biostatistics Resource Core

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The MUSC SCORE Biostatistics Resource Core supports and enhances the productivity of the clinical and basic science project investigators, providing comprehensive biostatistics analysis and data management support to the entire SCORE team. It develops high quality statistical designs and statistical analysis strategies, and develops data management and storage routines and project specific research forms. The core also performs data monitoring, analysis and interpretation, and assistance in the development of manuscripts, abstracts and study presentations. The Biostatistics Resource Core is developing novel methodology to apply broadly to SCORE projects as well as other research areas. It also provides both junior and experienced investigators and clinicians the opportunity to enhance critical knowledge in the field of data analysis and interpretation of statistical results.  The specific aims of this Core are to provide quantitative guidance to SCORE research projects, to conduct research to develop novel biostatistical methods, and to participate in the biostatistical educational development of clinical and translational investigators. The Biostatistics Resource Core is under the leadership of Nathaniel Baker, MS.