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Feedback From Prior Fellows

“The MUSC Neuroradiology section and fellowship are true gems to anyone interested in pursuing diagnostic neuroradiology. I am incredibly grateful for having trained at MUSC, and I feel like a confident Neuroradiologist in the reading room, at conferences, and when teaching trainees. The MUSC staff are excellent teachers who invest in your academic and personal growth throughout the year. The fellowship is well-balanced, allowing you to excel at your own pace outside of the reading room, while being able to extract invaluable knowledge in the reading room. I would recommend this fellowship to anyone who wants to become a well-rounded Neuroradiologist in either a private practice or an academic setting. Lastly, Charleston is an amazing city which makes the fellowship year that much more enjoyable.” - Drew, 2023

“The fellowship year at MUSC was an excellent year of training. First and foremost, it provides the case volume and variety for fellows to be ready for practice in any setting after graduation. From glioma imaging to head and neck oncology to pediatrics, the cases and expertise are there to get comfortable prior to practice. In addition, it is not only a rigorous year, but also a fun and welcoming place to work. The staff are all incredibly personal and approachable without exception. On top of this, with restaurants, beach life, great weather and easy commuting, Charleston is an incredible place to live for a year!” - Andrew, 2023

“During my time as an MUSC radiology resident I grew to greatly appreciate the quality of the Neuroradiology faculty as well as the diversity and complexity of the neuroradiology cases. The MUSC Neuroradiology department is an eclectic group of wonderful individuals, to whom I owe much for their time and energy given to me during all my years training in Charleston. My fellowship year was full of all the features one would want in their journey to become a fellowship trained Neuroradiologist. A bustling procedural rotation complemented by a higher volume diagnostic imaging component enabled the development of my skills and confidence as I prepared for my life as a practicing Neuroradiologist. Now in the real world, I feel fortunate for such an experience as the reality of higher volumes and radiologist shortages begin to be felt country-wide. I recommend this fellowship to anyone who hopes to acquire the skills needed to excel in modern times.” - Justin, 2023


“My experience as a fellow with the MUSC neuroradiology department was invaluable. The vast pathology provided ample exposure to feel prepared to practice neuroradiology in any setting. The environment in the reading room is welcoming with attendings that are ready to answer any question, teach you what you need to learn, and offer the autonomy to transition into a strong attending. The fellowship experience played an integral part in preparing me for the certifying and CAQ examinations.” - Nick, 2022


“My neuroradiology fellowship year at MUSC was a cornerstone in my radiology training. The convergence of exceptionally skilled faculty, a high-volume referral center, and cutting-edge technologies created an immensely productive and enriching experience from which I gleaned invaluable insights. The approachability and friendliness of the staff, coupled with the unwavering attention and warm welcome extended by the program director and section chief, made my time genuinely memorable.
Notably, I must also highlight the breathtaking beauty of Charleston and the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, which etched picturesque memories into my journey.” - Ariel, 2022

“As a foreign applicant, I had the privilege of being selected as a fellow for the MUSC neuroradiology program at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020. The staff was always approachable, making the transition from the residency into the fellowship a smooth process. After a year away, I am delighted to share my testimony, hoping future applicants find this helpful: MUSC neuroradiology is a strong program because of the dedicated and approachable expert staff faculty who not only maintained a high standard of a collegial learning environment, but who were also flexible and supportive, allowing me to have a good balance between training and family. The learning environment and collaborative atmosphere within the reading room, conferences and procedures expose the fellows to a wide variety of cases (including once-in-a-lifetime cases) that will ensure a solid foundation and knowledge base for your future career path.

I am grateful to the MUSC faculty and staff. I would highly recommend this program for anyone applying to neuroradiology.”  - Manny, 2021

“I was looking for a program that would prepare me for all aspects of neuroradiology – from head and neck to pediatric – and MUSC neuroradiology fellowship met all my expectations.  I had the tremendous opportunity to report a large number of cases every day and I had multiple opportunities to be involved in interdisciplinary clinical care. Attendings were committed to shape the fellowship in order to prepare the fellows for both academic and private practice and were always available to discuss cases. I felt privileged to be part of the team; the level of comradery as well the support to grow as a radiologist were amazing.”  - Jacopo, 2021

“There are a lot of things about the MUSC neuroradiology fellowship that make it special and make it a great place to train. MUSC offers a unique mix of interesting cases, exceptional opportunities to get involved with complex neuro-procedures, invaluable experience with complex head and neck cases, and involvement in high-level multidisciplinary conferences. All of these things do an exceptional job at preparing a trainee for independent practice. Not to mention the beautiful city of Charleston, where there is always something fun to do and somewhere good to eat. But above all else, the best thing about the Neuroradiology department is the amazing faculty of attendings that are motivated and passionate about providing the highest level of training every day. Not only do they foster a collegial and welcoming place to come to work everyday, they make it fun. I look back with only fond memories and appreciation of my time with MUSC Neuroradiology.” - Benson, 2021

“The neuroradiology fellowship at MUSC was my favorite year of training! Between the collegial staff, varied caseload, and backdrop of the city of Charleston, it couldn't have been better. MUSC offers a high volume, high complexity caseload which encompasses all aspects of neuroradiology including neuro-oncology, head and neck, spine, pediatrics, functional and spectroscopy. In addition, the procedural aspect of the fellowship allows one to become comfortable in deep head and neck biopsies, spine biopsies/ drainages and a varied assortment of pain procedures. I enjoyed every day of working there, which is hard to say being a medical trainee. I remain friends with the faculty there and use everything I learned in fellowship in my job! I highly recommend MUSC for the neuroradiology fellowship if you like having fun and want excellent training – it’s a no brainer.” - Dil, 2021

“My overall fellowship experience at MUSC was great. It was such a relief upon starting the fellowship to see how caring and responsive the attendings were to the needs, interests and concerns of the fellows and residents. All staff members made it a goal to put education first and went above and beyond what was expected, to give residents and fellows the attention and education they desired. As fellows, our input and suggestions throughout the year never fell on deaf ears. The department always took our concerns and suggestions seriously and made it a priority to continuously enhance the program and educational experience. This in turn made us feel like we were an integral part of the department and not just part of the workforce. I have no regrets after finishing my fellowship year and feel that it has positively impacted me as both a person as well as given me a valuable knowledge base that enhances my daily practice.” - Chris, 2020

"With abundant case pathology and volume, expert radiology staff with diverse backgrounds, and easy access to top level clinicians, neuroradiology fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina afforded me the opportunity to excel in my practice. A combination of novel techniques and practical real world knowledge and volume really allowed me to hit the ground running and become a valuable contributor to our neuroradiology section in private practice on
Day 1.
And while the education rivals or exceeds any you'll find, it is the people that separate MUSC from anywhere else in the country. The reading room environment and camaraderie is better than anywhere you will find, and I miss it dearly." - Mike, 2020

“MUSC neuroradiology fellowship is an ACGME accredited, very well-established program. I, as an international medical graduate, was very lucky to be accepted to the program. The program offers a comprehensive learning experience with a broad spectrum of neurological pathologies and didactic lectures. I personally felt very confident at the end of the year. Many thanks to all the neuroradiology staff, and a special thanks to the program director Dr. Matheus and the section chief Dr. Spampinato.” - Ismail, 2019

“Neuroradiology fellowship at MUSC was a wonderful experience! The curriculum provided the perfect balance of diagnostic and procedural skills. Additionally, the department has wonderful relationships with their clinical colleagues. We did so many tumor boards and multidisciplinary conferences, that I was able to run tumor boards in private practice with confidence and ease. In addition to great training, you could not find a more wonderful group of people to work with and learn from. I will always cherish my time at MUSC!” - Mary “Missy”, 2019

“The neuroradiology fellowship at MUSC has a good balance of volume and pathology. It prepared me to read complex neuro, spine and head and neck cases at a high pace in private practice. One of the best things about the program are the people - from junior to senior residents, co-fellows, and attendings - everyone is genuinely happy to be there and it's reflected in the day to day attitude at work.” - Patrick, 2018

"The neuroradiology fellowship program at MUSC fosters an excellent learning environment. Teaching truly begins the minute you show up, and the one-on-one mentoring is a core part of this curriculum which truly sets it apart from any other training experience. This high degree of mentoring both during and after my fellowship training have helped to advance my career in both an academic and private practice setting. 

The exposure to a wide range of pathology, weekly procedural slots, tumor board participation and faculty-driven lectures enables a fellow resident to be well prepared for private practice/academic setting along with the CAQ exam. What I truly enjoyed about my fellowship year was the opportunity to form relationships with the faculty that extend beyond the academic setting. The faculty are a humble group of people who truly care about education, career development and are always willing to help at any time." - Dhruv, 2018

I can't say enough positive things about my neuroradiology fellowship experience at MUSC.  The attendings are excellent in terms of knowledge base and teaching abilities.  They are good people who care about you as an individual as well as your professional goals.  As a fellow I grew into a seasoned expert in the core areas of neuroradiology.  I saw rare diseases both in practice and in the many scheduled lectures, which are well organized and interactive.  The reading room is a buzzing, vibrant place where impromptu teaching sessions occur frequently when there is an interesting case.  In the end I felt very well prepared for the CAQ exam. - Anonymous

"The neuroradiology program at MUSC is truly in a league of its own. Given that MUSC is one of the only places for higher levels of care in the state of South Carolina, the pathology of the cases presents is incredibly diverse. Diseases and conditions typically only seen in books are present in the patients that come though MUSC. In addition, the staff present place resident and fellow learning as the top priority, fostering a healthy and positive learning environment." - Kathryn, 2017

"The fellowship prepared me well to tackle the complex challenges of neuroradiology in the general practice setting. It helped me to develop into the neuro section leader, the “go to” curbside consult physician, and the leader of comprehensive stroke imaging development for our group. There were many opportunities to develop skills of efficiency, problem-solving strategies for complex cases, and strategic actionable reports during the fellowship. Additionally, the department offers a diverse and well rounded experience with attending physicians from different regions of the country and world which enhances the educational experience." - Neal, 2017

"My fellowship experience was excellent. The program is designed to offer you the best opportunity to become a well rounded neuroradiologist. I learned how to interpret complex exams, effectively communicate results with advanced-level subspecialists, and expertly perform procedures. I am very grateful to the professors for the opportunity to be at MUSC." - John, 2017