Resident Life

The MUSC Department of Urology knows that residency is tough and thus places emphasis on encouraging work-life balance. We want you to enjoy the beautiful city of Charleston with co-residents, friends, and family during your five years here. The residency group tries to host multiple events per year to promote having fun and creating memories in addition to gaining a great education:


Our department hosts a multitude of events throughout the year for the purpose of the faculty, residents, and support stuff inclusion and morale. These range from the new intern welcome party at our very own Dr. Rovner’s home, a post-boards practice exam oyster roast at Dr. Grubb’s home, the annual Christmas party, monthly journal club, and our chief graduation dinner.

Christmas Party

Urology Residents at a Christmas party 


Annual Oyster Roast

Urology residents around a table at an Oyster Roast. 
Urology residents behind a table at an Oyster Roast. 
Urology resident pouring oysters on a table. 
Urology residents at an Oyster Roast. 

Annual Departmental Pool Party

Urology Residents at a Pool Party 

Outside the OR

You can catch residents and their families all around the Lowcountry. Whether it’s enjoying new restaurants, spending the day on the water, staying active, or exploring one of the many local breweries, there is never a shortage of entertainment for your days off.

Two residents outside a restaurant
Residents on a boat
Member of Urology resident softball team
Urology residents at a restaurant.
Urology residents at the tennis court