Resident Wellness

At MUSC we strive to maintain a culture of wellness on the institutional level by creating a supportive environment with a strong sense of community.  The residents are a very tight knit group, both within the classes and spanning the residency as a whole.

We realize each resident requires unique elements to optimize his/her well being. Therefore, leadership in our department empowers individuals in pursuit of their own wellness needs. Monthly “QA” sessions are held with all residents and with the Program Director and Assistant Program Director. At these meetings, residents are encouraged to speak up with any concerns or questions, taking an active role in shaping the residency program. There are also free mental health services available to all residents through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

A formal wellness committee was established in 2016 to keep resident well-being a top priority. The committee is made up of residents from all classes and is led by the Assistant Program Director. The wellness committee organizes monthly social events and also puts forth wellness and health initiatives on a monthly basis. In the time of COVID-19, the wellness committee has done an incredible job organizing events which have kept the residents connected to each other while maintaining social distancing measures.

Wellness Committee Chair: Dr. Sandra Rutigliano


Resident Wellness Activities


COVID-19 virtual activities: yoga, trivia, board games

COVID19 virtual activities - yoga


COVID19 virtual activities - trivia


COVID19 virtual activities - board games


Kayaking on the intercoastal waterway

Kayaking on Folly


Kayaking on Folly


Lunch outside and painting session

Lunch outside and painting session


2019 Resident Wellness Event


Yoga on the Horseshoe

Yoga in the Park


2019 Wellness Day Yoga in the Park Group Shot


Welcome Party

2019 Welcome Party