Global Surgery Program

Research and Publications

Research publications

The Global Surgery Program Offers many opportunities for residents and students to engage in research.Visit the Research Opportunities section and view what the Acute Care/Trauma Team and the Global Surgery Program is conducting research on.

In the first six months, residents and faculty engaged with the Global Surgery Program have achieved the following:

  • Book Chapter: Mass Casualty -- David Man, DO, PGY- Research, Mike M. Mallah, M.D.
  • Book Chapter: Approach to Neck Trauma -- Lillian Hsu, M.D., PGY-Research, Mike M. Mallah, M.D.
  • Book Chapter: Tangential Excision -- Cassidy Muir, M.D., PGY-1, Deepak Ozhathil, M.D.
  • Book Chapter: Initial Approach to Burns -- Cassidy Muir, PGY-1, M.D. Resident, Deepak Ozhathil, M.D.

  • Three manuscripts are in progress