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Global Surgery Program

Research and Publications

Research publications

The Global Surgery Program Offers many opportunities for residents and students to engage in research.Visit the Research Opportunities section and view what the Acute Care/Trauma Team and the Global Surgery Program is conducting research on.

In the first six months, residents and faculty engaged with the Global Surgery Program have achieved the following:

In the News:

Global Surgery and the EAST Global Surgery Ad Hoc Taskforce- an EAST Traumacast and Careercast Mashup

Join Drs. Prerna Ladha, Hassan Mashbari and Lauren Dudas and learn about Global Surgery from Drs. Mike Mallah, Chris Dodgion, Katie Iverson and the EAST Global Surgery Ad Hoc Task Force. 

What does Global Surgery  even mean? How can you get involved, who is out there practicing internationally or can you practice Global Surgery domestically?