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Ryan Residency Training Program

Our Ryan Residency Training Program offers a dedicated family planning rotation to all residents. This rotation provides comprehensive training in contraception and miscarriage management. Each resident has the flexibility to design their own level of participation.

What Are the Advantages for Resident Training?

  • Improves resident competence in the following areas:
    • Uterine sizing
    • Sonography
  • Increases opportunities for research
  • Opportunity to master a surgical skill set
  • One-on-one mentoring from faculty
  • Increased training in ultrasonography and anesthesia techniques for office procedures
  • Increased didactic training in family planning topics

What Do the Residents Say About the Ryan Program?

"It was one of the most unique and rewarding aspects of my training. I feel more competent and assured that I can take care of women in meeting their family planning needs."

"The most valuable part of the rotation was mastering an all-too-uncommon and important skill, connecting with patients at a stressful moment in their lives and feeling like I provided them with a valuable service in a safe and respectful manner." 

"One of the best rotations of my year. Great opportunity to work one-on-one with an attending. Readings were applicable to rotation, plenty of OR time and procedures, and clinic was busy, but full of educational opportunities. Truly wonderful rotation and educational experience."

"The family planning rotation was an excellent experience. The professor is an excellent & patient teacher and it was a unique experience to spend so much dedicated time with an attending learning to understand and manage the complexities of contraception, early pregnancy failure, and general surgical skills to include laparoscopy. She focused on teaching evidence based-decision making and encouraged individual thought and development of management plans."

The Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program