Cochlear Implant Quality of Life Research Program

Close-up of a cochlear implant

The MUSC Cochlear Implant Quality of Life Research Program focuses on developing a better understanding of the communication, health, social, and economic benefits of cochlear implants for adults through the expansion of outcomes beyond traditional measures. Our goals are to develop and validate new measures so that interventions achieve enhanced outcomes for individuals treated for hearing loss. Our multidisciplinary team of investigators includes individuals with relevant expertise in neurotology and hearing science, patient-reported outcomes development, psychometrics, biostatistics, outcomes/effectiveness, and health economics research. We also support patient and stakeholder engagement to extend the scientific and clinical impact of our research.

The development, validation, and implementation of the Cochlear Implant Quality of Life (CIQOL) patient-reported outcome measures are major steps toward a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of cochlear implants on individuals’ lives. This website provides information regarding the: