Applying to Medical School


To apply to the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine applicants must first apply through AMCAS, the American Medical College Application Service. Once the verified AMCAS application is received (typically within 4-6 weeks), an automatic email will be sent directing you to the link for the online MUSC Secondary Application.

Admissions Snapshot - M.D. Program

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In-State: 548
Out-of-State: 3152

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In-State: 308
Out-of-State: 57*

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In-State: 147
Out-of-State: 17

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Class of 2023

Avg. MCAT: 509
Avg. GPA: 3.77
56% Female | 44% Male
20.8% Diverse

*Out-of-state applicants must demonstrate close ties to S.C. for interview eligibility.

What We Look For In an Applicant

We take a holistic approach to our selection process. GPA and MCAT scores are a large factor in obtaining an interview, at which point we are looking for the other traits essential to becoming great physicians. These include personality traits, leadership experience, volunteering, clinical exposure, and shadowing experiences.

Admissions Criteria

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  • Best MCAT score
  • Multiple attempts allowed
  • Taken within 3 years of matriculation

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  • Adjustment based on college competitiveness
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA

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  • Critical thinking
  • Cultural competency
  • Ego
  • Motivation
  • Personality
  • Principles

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  • Clinical exposure
  • Leadership
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Volunteerism

Additional Consideration

Adjusted undergraduate GPA, MCAT, accomplishments, and interviews are equally weighted and are the primary factors when evaluating the competitiveness and potential success of an applicant. After consideration of the primary criteria, in an effort to maintain balance within our student body and to ensure a broad representation that reflects our population, we may consider additional traits. Examples include the following:

  • Artistic and/or athletic achievements
  • Cultural experiences
  • Extended post-baccalaureate career experiences / Military experiences
  • Graduate degree(s) and/or research
  • Overcoming adversity and/or a disability
  • Rural background
  • Significant improvement in coursework