Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology

Members of our division of Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology provides excellent patient care as well as clinical and basic research concerning immune diseases of the central nervous system.

Our providers have experience with a variety of injectable, oral, and infusion treatments for MS and in treating a variety of neuroimmunological conditions. They will work with you to find a therapy that meets your needs based on your symptoms and personal preferences.

Our clinic regularly participates in clinical trials to evaluate new treatments and treatment regimens for MS and other neuroimmunological conditions, including cyclosporine, beta-seron, avonex/rebif, and steroids for optic neuritis.


Aljoeson Walker 

Aljoeson Walker, M.D.

Associate Professor

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Gina Susana Perez Giraldo, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Andrew Phillip Keegan, M.D. 

Andrew Keegan, M.D.

Assistant Professor

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Kamden Freeman

Administrative Assistant

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Amanda Budak

Nurse Coordinator

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Ife Milton Cromwell

Social Worker

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Briana Coulter

Physician Assistant