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Surgery Research Recognition Day and Eric R. Frykberg M.D. Lecture

Surgery Research Recognition Day showcases the exceptional research work in which our residents, medical students and graduate students participate. It also provides an opportunity for our trainees, faculty and researchers to learn from world-class experts during the annual Eric R. Frykberg, M.D. Lecture

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2022 Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are available online.  Click here to View and Vote for your top two ePosters from Monday, October 10 - Friday, October 14 at 8 am.  Poster presenters will have a special opportunity to present for our visiting professor, Dr. Julie Ann Sosa, on Friday morning.

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 14  1 - 5 p.m. Drug Discovery Auditorium

1:00 - Welcome to Surgery Research Recognition Day, Prabhakar Baliga, MD FACS, Chair, MUSC Department of Surgery

1:05 - Annual Eric R. Frykberg, M.D. Lecture 


Oral Presentations

2:00 - Multilevel Intervention To Improve Equity In Access To Kidney Transplant For African Americans
Ammar Mahmood MD, David Taber PhD, Zemin Su, Patrick Mauldin PhD, Thomas Morinelli, Michael Casey MD MS, Joseph Scalea MD, Derek DuBay MD

2:12 - A Humanized Monoclonal Antibody to Secreted Frizzled Related Protein-2 as a Targeted Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer 
Julie B. Siegel MD, Dean Connor PhD, Patrick Nasarre PhD, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Eleanor Hilliard, Ann-Marie Broome PhD MBA, Nancy Klauber-Demore MD

2:24 - Early Outcomes of Heart Transplantation Using Donation after Circulatory Death Donors in the United States 
Jennie H. Kwon MD, Alexander D. Ghannam MD, Khaled Shorbaji MD, Brett Welch MBA, MHA, Z. A. Hashmi MD, Ryan Tedford MD, Arman Kilic MD

2:36 - Smooth muscle cell specific activity of SGK-1 alters pulse propagation velocity as a major indicator of wall stiffness in AAA
Mario Figueroa MD, Ryan Gedney MD, Victoria Mattia, Ying Xiong, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Jeffery A. Jones PhD, Jean Marie Ruddy MD

2:48 - Diastasis recti is associated with incisional hernia after midline abdominal surgery
Alexander Booth MD, Kirkpatrick Gillen MD, Isabela Visintin MD, Wilson Ford, Mark Kovacs MD, Colston Edgerton MD, Virgilio George MD, Thomas Curran MD MPH

3:00 - Break - Please gather in the lobby for refreshments and e-poster viewing

3:15 - WNT Dependency In Patient-Derived Pancreatic Organoid Models For Precision Medicine Approaches 
Haley A. Zlomke MD, Jacquelyn Zimmerman MD PhD, Toni Seppälä MD PhD, Reecha Suri MD, William R. Burns MD, Christopher Shubert MD MHA, Kelly J. Lafaro MD, Christopher L. Wolfgang MD PhD, Jin He MD PhD, Richard A. Burkhart MD

3:27 - Is there Implicit Bias in Kidney Transplant Evaluations? 
Sam Kavarana, David Taber PharmD MS, Zemin Su MAS, Patrick Mauldin PhD, Thomas Morinelli, Michael Casey MD MS, Joseph Scalea MD, Derek DuBay MD

3:39 - Sex Disparities in the Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease with Infra-Inguinal Arterial Bypass
Saranya Sundaram MD, Tyler Buckley, Sharee Wright MD, Ravikumar Veeraswamy MD, Elizabeth Genovese MD

3:51 - Hybrid Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Model Improves Prediction of New-Onset Dialysis in Orthotopic Heart Transplant Patients
Roshan Mathi MS, Weston McDonald, Benjamin Usry, Khaled Shorbaji MD, Brett Welch MBA, Arman Kilic MD

4:03 - Routine post-operative chest radiographs provide little diagnostic value for pediatric patients undergoing central venous catheter placement 
Alice Le, David Mann MD, Richard Jones MD, Lucas McDuffie MD

4:15 - Femoral vessel occlusion increases cardiac and cerebral perfusion in a pilot cardiac arrest porcine model 
Heather Holman, Jennie Kwon MD, Joshua Kim MS, Samuel Siegler, Jasmine Richards, Kris Helke PhD/DVM, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Jeffrey A. Jones PhD, Kristen M. Quinn MD

4:45 - Awards Ceremony


Best Poster:  Krishna Bhandari, MD 

Best Basic Science Presentation:  Heather Holman

Best Clinical Science Presentation:  Jennie H. Kwon, MD

Yarbrough Award:  Kristen Quinn, MD