Dr. Steven Carroll and colleague.

College of Medicine Research

Faculty in the College of Medicine are engaged in a variety of basic, clinical, and translational research activities. Research is an important part of our mission to the State of South Carolina and our patients, and it is vital that we translate our discoveries into treatments and interventions that will improve human health. The total College of Medicine extramural research funding, for the past fiscal year, was approximately $248 million.

Bridge Funding

A primary goal of the College of Medicine is to support and strengthen the research capabilities of its faculty. As part of this goal, we implemented the College of Medicine’s Bridge Funding program.


The purpose of the College of Medicine Enhancement of Team Science (COMETS) is to restore federally funded research programs by active mid-career and senior investigators by supporting a newly established research team with 2 years of funding.

Excellence in Research Awards

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Research at MUSC

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