Membership Information

Membership in the MUSC DDRC is open to all individuals who would like to promote the MUSC DDRC mission, which is to foster discovery and research in the area of digestive and liver diseases. The membership criteria listed below has been created to better organize and facilitate the DDRC’s research initiatives. Applicants must fulfill all requirements in the appropriate category. 

Full Member:

This category designates MUSC faculty who are actively conducting basic, translational, clinical, or population-based research in digestive and liver diseases. Individuals should be a Principal Investigator (PI) on a peer-reviewed funded grant in an area relevant to digestive or liver disease. Research Members are expected to have recent relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals, must be active participants in DDRC meetings and events, and utilize DDRC Biomedical Research Cores. Research Members comprise the research base for the DDRC.

Associate Member: 

This category primarily designates MUSC faculty in one of two areas as follows: (1) those with an interest relevant to digestive diseases but without peer-reviewed grants or recent publications, and (2) those with peer reviewed funding and publications, which are not directly in digestive or liver diseases, but who have an interest in pursuing such research. Associate membership requires active participation. Recipients of Pilot/Feasibility awards are automatically granted Associate membership for at least 3 years. This category is not included as part of the research base for the DDRC.

Membership Privileges

  • Receipt of all DDRC publications and communications.
  • All members may attend DDRC-sponsored conferences, seminars, and retreats at no cost.

  • Members appear on the DDRC website.

  • Members will have priority access to DDRC Biomedical Research Cores.

  • Eligible for funding through the DDRC Pilot & Feasibility Program.

Application Process

  1. Complete the online Membership Application Form and upload an NIH formatted biosketch including extramural support (C.V. if biosketch not available).
  2. Individual applications will be reviewed by the DDRC Internal Advisory Committee.
  3. Applicants will receive notification of the decision indicating their type of membership. 

Review and Renewal of Applications

All members will be reviewed annually by the DDRC Internal Advisory Committee, and they may reassign membership categories based on current review of category criteria and member information. Members must meet all the criteria listed for new applicants in their current membership category or their membership status will be reassigned.