Our Team

Cori Polonski, Jessica Decker and Anna Bashmakov
Chief Residents: Jessica Decker, D.O., Cori Cummings, M.D., Anna Bashmakov, D.O.


Current Residents & Fellows

 A composite of the fellows and residents in different training programs within the Department of Neurology at MUSC from 2022 to 2023. In the adult neurology residency, the PGY4 residents are Muayad Alzuabi, M.D., Anna Bashmakov, M.D., Angel Cadena, M.D., Cori Cummings, M.D., Jessica Decker, D.O., Benjamin Jewett, M.D., Ashley Nelson, D.O., and Mark Rosenberg, M.D. The PGY3 residents are Hamid Ali, M.D., Jen Cashwell, D.O, Nimit Desai, M.D., Hanna Harrison, M.D., MBA, Lei Lu, M.D., Ph.D.,, Dawn Crawford, D.O., Mattia Rosso, M.D., and Farris Taha, M.D. The pgy2 residents are Marina Buciuc, M.D., Lissie Ertel, M.D., Barby Grimberg, M.D., McKay Hanna, M.D., Vishal Kalbavi, M.D., Cyril Lukianov, M.D., Preston Mercer, M.D., and Pavlos Myserlis, M.D. The pgy1 residents are Ahmad Abu Qdais, M.B.B.S., Camilo Albert, M.D., Carrie-Ann Barry, M.D., John Bosland, M.D., Krystina Callahan, M.D., Mahnoor Islam, M.B.B.S., Amaris Little, M.D., and Alexander Vorobyev, M.D. The residents in the combined psychiatry/neurology program are PGY6 chief resident Helen Dainton Howard, M.D., PGY5 Manish Karamchandani, M.D., PGY4 Charles Palmer, M.D., pgy3 Ram Nambi, M.D., and pgy2 Joseph Chasen, D.O. The residents in the child neurology program are PGY5 Reshma Joshi, D.O., PGY4 Ariel Breitbart, M.D., pgy3 Katie Horman, M.D., PGY2 Florian Capobianco, D.O., and PGY1 Jaimie Vilavinal, M.D. The fellows in the department are vascular neurology fellows Goswani Avirag, M.B.B.S. and Valerie Sharf, M.D.,  epilepsy fellow Paul Gonzalez, D.O., clinical neurophysiology fellows Alexandra Parashos, M.D. and Lauren Crawford, M.D., and movement disorders fellow Cherry Yu, M.D.

Residency Leadership

Nicholas Milano, M.D.

Nicholas Milano, M.D.
Program Director

Christine Cooper, M.D.

Christine Cooper, M.D.
Associate Program Director for the VA

Zeke Gleichgerrcht

Ezequiel Gleichgerrct, M.D., Ph.D. 
Associate Program Director for MUSC

Cassaundra Tucker photo

Cassaundra Tucker, BS, C-TAGME
Residency Program Coordinator


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