Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital & Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion

Artists rendering of the view of the Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital from the Ashley River


Wellness is an important component of physical and mental well-being as well as professional satisfaction and humanism in medicine. The OBGYN Resident Wellness Program at MUSC was developed to address multiple areas of resident wellness through a formal curriculum, mentoring, community service efforts and participation in ACOG/CREOG wellness week. The curriculum was created by the wellness committee which consists of residents and faculty members and includes quarterly wellness workshops surrounding mindfulness, gratitude and self-compassion, diversity, burnout, difficult events, among other topics. Residents participate in community outreach and personal half days for preventative health visits.


Our resident mentoring program was designed to support residents in the transition to residency, assist with personal and professional development and model professionalism, stewardship and wellness.  Each intern is assigned a mentor prior to the start of residency with the hope that the mentor-mentee relationships will continue throughout the 4 years of residency.  In order to meet the goals, each mentor  serves in an advisory capacity regarding self-assessment, goal development, and career planning.  In addition mentors will discuss residents’ personal and professional development, monitor and build educational goals and objectives based upon in service examination results with goal toward achieving improvement annually and adequate board preparation.