Student Financial Planning Resources

To foster the goals of financial literacy the Medical Student Financial Planning Portal (MSFPP) was designed to provide current students web-based resources, services and information about financial aid, scholarships, repayment options, debt counseling, debt management, and the Exit Interview Process. The portal is a central online resource tailored to address medical students’ financial needs and concerns. The MSFPP is accessible on campus or off campus, on devices with internet access.

The College of Medicine provides current students a web-based resource about financial literacy and planning through the Medical Student Financial Planning Portal (MSFPP). The College of Medicine believes that innovative, accurate, and comprehensive financial tools are essential to financial literacy. We also believe that financial tools and resources, while complex in nature, can be presented in a very user-friendly and useful fashion.

The College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Financial Aid and Student Accounting engaged the AAMC FIRST (Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools) to present financial workshops, and financial literacy sessions at MUSC. Additionally, throughout the student’s four years of medical school, financial literacy programs are held to address debt management and the critical elements of budgeting, borrowing, managing funds wisely, and paying debt. While the FIRST program has been ongoing for a few years, a concerted effort is ongoing to enhance the integration of the program into the curriculum and collaborate with university resources to improve the financial literacy of all students.