NIDA K12 Addiction Scholars

Current Scholars

Allison Wilkerson, Ph.D.
"Insomnia and Relapse in Treatment-Seeking Adults with Substance Use Disorder"
Aimee McRae-Clark, Pharm.D., MUSC; Daniel Taylor, Ph.D., University of North Texas
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Vivienne Zhu, M.D., MS
"Automatically Identifying and Predicting Opioid Use Disorder Using Health Information Technology"
Kathleen Brady, M.D., Ph.D., MUSC; Leslie Lenert, M.D., MS, MUSC
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Previous Scholars

Tracy Smith, Ph.D.
Years in NIDA K12 Program: 2018-2019
: "Impact of E-Cigarette Characteristics on Reinforcement and Tobacco Use Patterns Among Current Smokers"
Mentors/Consultants: Matthew Carpenter, Ph.D., K. Michael Cummings, Ph.D.
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Angela Dawn Moreland, Ph.D.
Years in NIDA K12 Program:
 "Integrating Parent Training into Treatment for Drug-Using and Recovering Parents"
Aimee McRae-Clark, Pharm.D., Carla Kmett Danielson, Ph.D., Shannon Self-Brown, Ph.D.
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Bryan Heckman, Ph.D.
Years in the NIDA K12 program: 2015-2017
Project: "Personalized Smoking Relapse Prevention via Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions"
Mentors/Consultants: Matthew J. Carpenter, Ph.D., K. Michael Cummings, Ph.D., David H. Gustafson, Ph.D., Andrew B. Lawson, Ph.D., Michael E. Saladin, Ph.D.
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Gregory L. Sahlem, M.D.
Years in the NIDA K12 program: 2015-2017
Project: "A Double Blind, Sham Controlled Trial of Excitatory rTMS to the Left Dorsolateral Pre-Frontal Cortex to Reduce Cannabis-Cue Induced Craving and Impulsive Decision Making in
Cannabis Use Disordered Participants"
Mentors/Consultants: Aimee McRae-Clark, Pharm.D., Robert Malcolm, M.D., Kathleen T. Brady, M.D., Ph.D., Nathaniel L. Baker, MS
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Lindsay M. Squeglia, Ph.D.
Years in the NIDA K12 program: 2014-2016
Project: "Neural Connectivity in Adolescent Marijuana Users: Basis for Treatment Strategies"
Mentors/Consultants: Colleen A Hanlon, Ph.D., Kevin M Gray, M.D.
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Zachary W. Adams, Ph.D.
Years in the NIDA K12 program: 2014-2015
Project: "mHealth Tools to Address Stress-Related Substance Use in Adolescents"
Mentors/Consultants: Carla Kmett Danielson, Ph.D., Frank A. Treiber, Ph.D.
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Erin A. McClure Ph.D.
Year in the NIDA K12 program: 2014
Project: "Technological Innovations for the Remote Monitoring of Smoking in Adolescents"
Mentors/Consultants: Kevin M. Gray, M.D., Frank A. Treiber, Ph.D., Stephen T. Tiffany, Jesse Dallery, David H. Gustafson, Viswanathan Ramakrishnan, Ph.D.
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Jenna McCauley, Ph.D.
Years in the NIDA K12 program: 2013-2015
Project: "Reducing Prescription Opioid Misuse: Dental Provider Intervention Development"
Mentors/Consultants: Kathleen T. Brady, M.D., Ph.D., Cathy L. Melvin, Ph.D., MPH, Roger B. Fillingim, Ph.D., Renata S. Leite, D.D.S., MS
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Kristyn Zajac, Ph.D.
Years in the NIDA K12 program: 2013-2014
Project: "Treating Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and PTSD in High-Risk Transition Age Youth"
Mentors/Consultants: Ashli J. Sheidow, Ph.D., Maryann Davis, Ph.D.
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