Clinical Trials and Innovation Sciences

Clinical Trials and Innovation Sciences (CTIS) has a dual mission within the MUSC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, serving as a resource to promote i) industry-sponsored and/or investigator-initiated clinical trials and ii) academic entrepreneurship.

Clinical Trials Unit

The Clinical Trials Unit within CTIS aims to increase the size and scope of the department's industry-sponsored research portfolio. To this end, the Clinical Trials Unit provides infrastructure support to faculty members interested in serving as PI on trials relevant to their specific specialty/interest area. The Clinical Trials Unit consists of a team of personnel including a regulatory specialist, a nurse practitioner, several study coordinators, and a grants and contracts manager. The team provides support that PIs may use for all or specific trial-related activities including study start-up and activation, recruitment and enrollment, as well as study close-out. CTIS is currently working with a number of different faculty members and industry sponsors to conduct trials in sleep, weight management, autism spectrum disorder, and depression.

Innovation Sciences Unit

The Innovation Sciences Unit within CTIS serves as a resource to promote academic entrepreneurship within the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences as well as across MUSC. The Innovation Sciences Unit offers consultations to faculty, fellows, and other trainees regarding turning academic innovations into commercially viable products and submitting competitive small business grants to support those endeavors.