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Susan Dorman, M.D.Susan Dorman, M.D.
Division of Infectious Diseases

Research Interests

The focus of my research for 16 years has been the development and evaluation of new strategies for diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. My work and leadership in the NIH contract-funded TB Clinical Diagnostics Research Consortium, the CDC TB Trials Consortium, and the CDC TB Epidemiologic Studies Consortia have enabled me to interact productively with the TB scientific communities, manage large research endeavors nationally and internationally, and build strong partnerships at JHU and externally.

With regard to TB diagnostics, I served as a PI and Director of Clinical Studies for the ‘TB-Clinical Diagnostics Research Consortium’ (CDRC) contract from NIAID. The TB-CDRC was an inter-disciplinary consortium of scientists, clinicians, and mycobacteriologists whose mission is to provide data on the performance of investigational TB diagnostics in endemic countries. Over the past seven years the TB-CDRC successfully conducted international multicenter diagnostic accuracy studies of novel molecular tests for Mtb detection and drug resistance, novel culture-based methods, tests for detection of Mtb antigens, and specimen processing comparative evaluations. These studies were conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice and Good Clinical Laboratory Practice standards. The proposed work builds naturally on TB-CDRC’s work and expertise, and will provide critical new information about the accuracy and potential impact of Xpert Ultra.


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