Submission Timeline Policy

K Timeline

  • K Award Submissions: 3 to 6 months before submission, submit Specific Aims for SCTR review and present at Beer & Better Science
    • Email Perry Halushka, M.D., Ph.D.,, and tell him that you would like to present and familiarize yourself with this informal format for presenting a research idea with a brief rationale, hypothesis, and specific aims.  Since this is an informal presentation, there is no need for slides.
  • 3 to 4 months before submission, submit Specific Aims page for SCTR review.
    • Submit SPARC Request
    • Select the SCTR box on the left side under the Service Catalog
    • Select Science Consultation from the dropdown box
  • 8 weeks prior to the below deadlines, submit for SCTR review of entire proposal if appropriate

All Grants

  • 1 month ahead:
    • Determine Co-I's and Co-PI's
    • Determine if there will be subawards
  • 15 days ahead:
    • Budget and budget justification finalized
    • All MUSC biosketches and letters of support completed
  • 10 days ahead:
    • Facilities, equipment, project narrative and summary completed
    • All subaward documents received
  • 5 days ahead:
  • Once you receive your grant outcome, please communicate with your Division Administrator about the following:
    • Was the grant discussed?
    • If it was scored, what score/percentile did it receive?
    • Will it be resubmitted?

Important Grant Submission Details

  1. Complete a Grant Submission Confirmation Form
  2. Departmental deadline is 5 business days before the submission date.

  3. ORSP deadline is 3 business days before the submission date.

  4. Internal SCTR grants and VA Merit Awards do not run through our group but we like to know when you are applying to them.

  5. Outcome: The Research Administrator will reach out to each Division Administrator to find out the score/percentile for submitted grants or you can submit a Grant Score Form.


Note: If you do not have your grant submission to our office 5 days before the submission deadline, you will be required to write a justification on why your grant was late. Send your justification to Dr. Clyburn, Dr. Oates, and your Division Director with a CC to Mac Houck.