Department of Medicine research symposium

Research Symposium Awards

An individual award will be presented for up to three posters in each category. The first-place winner will be awarded $150, the second-place winner receives $100, and the third-place winner receives $50.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Oral Presenters
  • Junior Faculty
  • Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Residents/Fellows
  • Graduate Students                  
  • Medical Students                                                               

Abstract presenters selected for oral presentation will be awarded $200 each. Abstracts selected for oral presentation will be ranked from within each of the following combined categories: Graduate Students and Basic Science Fellows, Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Junior Faculty (Basic/Clinical).

Participants must be both affiliated with the Department of Medicine and present at the awards ceremony to receive winnings.

Research & Scholarship Awards

  • Resident Research Award: This award is intended to recognize a resident who has demonstrated excellence in research.
  • Active K Awards: Recognizes all active CY19 K Awardees
  • Outstanding Scientific Citation Award: Recognizes faculty member(s) with CY19 high impact original scientific publications.
  • MilliPub Club Award: The MilliPub Club honors and recognizes current faculty who have published one or more individual papers throughout their careers that have each garnered more than 1000 citations. Such a paper is commonly considered a “citation classic” and represents a high impact scholarship.
  • Best Mentored Paper: Recognizes a faculty member who is the senior author on a paper published with their mentee.
  • The Top 10: Recognizes the Top 10 faculty members in the Department of Medicine with the most Original Science Publications in the past calendar year.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Early Career Research: Recognizes a faculty member within eight years of his or her initial appointment who has made significant discoveries or advancements in his or her research.