Emergency Medicine Residency Benefits

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PGY-1 $56,751
PGY-2 $58,747
PGY-3 $60,660

Moonlighting is allowed by MUSC and by the residency program. Residents in good academic standing can begin moonlighting during the second half of their PGY2 year. We have internal moonlighting available, and residents are allowed to participate in external moonlighting throughout the community hospitals in South Carolina.

CME Allowance

PGY-1 $500
PGY-2 $550
PGY-3 $1200


iPhones are provided by the University for trainees.

EM-specific Benefits

The Department will cover resident memberships for ACEP/EMRA.
We protect time during the ACEP Conference for our PGY3s to all attend.
HIPPO Review/Qbank provided to Interns.
ROSH Review is provided to PGY2-3s.
USMLE Step 3 fee reimbursement, if taken by December 31st of Intern year.
Resident Incentive Projects (Institutional).

Lab Coat 

New residents at MUSC are provided with two new clinic lab coats. After the first year, each resident will be provided with one new lab coat at the beginning of each new year of training.

Wellness Center

Residents receive free membership to the Wellness Center. In addition, spouses are provided with a discounted yearly membership. Fees subject to change annually Wellness Center Website

In-House On-Call Meals

All residents will receive $50 per month for a meal allowance. Those residents who are scheduled for 24-hour in-house call shifts will receive an additional $15 per scheduled shift. Residents in Departments with inpatient services scheduled for home-call shifts receive an additional $2 per scheduled shift.

Leave Policy

Annual Leave of three (3) weeks, as defined by twenty-one (21) days consisting of a maximum of fifteen (15) "working days" (Mon-Fri) plus six (6) "weekend days" (Sat & Sun), with pay may be given per twelve month period, unless specifically limited as required for specialty board certification.

Sick Leave of three (3) weeks, as defined by twenty-one (21) days, (including Sat & Sun) with pay may be given per 12 months of employment.

Maternity Leave will be granted a minimum of six (6) weeks (3 weeks Annual leave & 3 weeks Sick Leave) per twelve month period. All six (6) weeks will be "paid time off" unless Annual leave and/or Sick leave was (were) used previously during the twelve month period.

Paternity Leave will be granted to the father at the time of birth or adoption in conjunction with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The father will be granted a maximum of six (6) weeks paid leave (3 weeks Annual leave; 3 weeks Sick leave) per 12 month period.

Bereavement Leave of three (3) days with pay shall be given per death of an immediate family member (ie., parents, siblings, grandparents, children, or spouse). The resident may be required to make-up the time missed in accordance with the Residency Program and Board Eligibility requirements.

Professional Leave of Absence may be granted under special circumstances and will be handled on an individual case-by-case basis by the Designated Institutional Official for GME in consultation with the Residency Program Director.


Health Insurance - The resident will receive health (including hospitalization) and dental at nominal cost. Dependents are covered at the resident's expense.

Life Insurance - If the resident participated in the South Carolina Retirement System, after one year of continuous service, the resident's beneficiary is eligible to receive a sum equal to the resident's annual salary. Additionally, if the resident elects health coverage an additional $3000 is payable to the resident's beneficiary. Optional life insurance is available at reasonable rates and the resident can elect coverage up to 3x's their annual salary (rounded).

Travel Insurance - All MUSC residents are covered by Workers' Compensation which is designed to provide benefits for individuals who have incurred medical expenses or are unable to work due to bona fide occupational injuries or illness.

Disability Insurance - Residents will receive basic disability insurance after one year of service only if health insurance is elected. Supplemental long term disability insurance is available at a competitive rate. Basic and supplemental long term disability insurance are portable and can be converted. If participating in the South Carolina Retirement System, after five years of earned service (vesting period) in the event of a disability, residents are eligible to apply for disability retirement. Should disability retirement be granted, health insurance will also be available.

Professional Liability Coverage - The resident will be covered for malpractice liability while performing duties and responsibilities in the program. The policy provides $1,200,000 per medical occurrence and the coverage will extend beyond the time in residency from incidents that occurred during their training (ie., "tail coverage").