Emergency Medicine Current Residents

Program Year 3 Residents:             

Dr. Benjamin Atkinson

Benjamin Atkinson, M.D.

Hometown:  Coatesville, PA, and Waxhaw, NC
Undergrad:  UNC Chapel Hill, Majors-Business, Economics
Post-bac:  NC State University, Master of Physiology
Medical School:  UNC School of Medicine
Why MUSC:  Because it was the most welcoming group of people on the interview trail, close to my family, and of course because the city itself is incredible.
Hobbies:  Fly fishing, backpacking, fitness, running, reading, disc golf, re-discovering my golf swing.

Dr. Lekha Bapu

Lekha Bapu, D.O.

Hometown:  West Bloomfield, MI
Undergrad:  Michigan State University Lyman Briggs College, Major-Microbiology
Medical School:  Michigan State University College of Osteopathic University
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC because of the amazing people I met here both on interview day and thereafter, the high quality of training offered at this academic center, and the chance to experience warmer weather!
Hobbies:  Anything outdoors, trying new things - food/traveling, crime TV shows/documentaries, watching/playing soccer.

Dr. Gabrielle Beam

Gabrielle Beam, M.D.

Hometown:  Milton, WV
Undergrad:  Penn State, Major-Immunology & Infectious Disease
Medical School:  West Virginia University
Why MUSC:  The program's energy really stuck out to me along the interview trail. The people and leadership are amazing, and you can't beat the location! 
Hobbies:  Anything outdoors and on the water, snowboarding (I'm a WV girl), exploring new places with my dog, Yuki, checking out new coffee shops, restaurants & craft breweries, and fitness.

Dr. Kalee Morris

Kalee Morris, D.O.
Chief Resident

Hometown:  Larkspur, CO
Undergrad:  The University of Colorado-Boulder, Major-Master of Science in Integrative Physiology
Medical School:  Kansas City University
Why MUSC:  During my interview it was clear the faculty, staff, and residents were extremely excited, happy, and passionate about MUSC.  Their enthusiasm was contagious, (even over zoom!).  The academics speak for themselves, and you couldn't pick a better location to train/live than Charleston!
Hobbies:  Yoga, hiking, backpacking, painting.

Dr. Chiagozie Nwosu

Chiagozie Nwosu, M.D.

Hometown:  Savannah, GA
Undergrad:  Emory University, Major-History and Economics
Medical School:  Indiana University School of Medicine
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC for a variety of reasons.  MUSC has a solid reputation for training, the proximity to my daughter, it's a great city that reminds me of home (Savannah); warm weather with plenty of things to do year round.
Hobbies:  Working out/exercise, traveling, watching sports, learning about investing.

Dr. Kaitlyn Pereira

Kaitlyn Pereira, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown:  Huntington Beach, CA
Undergrad:  University of California-Los Angeles, Major-Biology
Medical School:  University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC due to the people, strength of the program, and the incredible food scene.
Hobbies:  Volleyball, baking, dogs.

Dr. Brieana Rodriguez

Brieana Rodriguez, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown:  Diamond Bar, CA
Undergrad:  California State University, Northridge, Major-Biology 
Medical School:  Medical School of Wisconsin
Why MUSC:  First and foremost, THE PEOPLE!!!  Close second, location.
Hobbies:  Dance, hiking, professional Netflix watcher, future amateur surfer.

Dr. Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy, M.D.

Hometown:  New Orleans, LA
Undergrad:  Louisiana State University, Major-Biology, Minors-Business, Spanish
Medical School:  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans
Why MUSC:  The chance to get a great education through a great training program which sees a diverse array of patients and most importantly the people!  Any faculty member/resident I talked with along the interview trail was extremely helpful and friendly! 
Hobbies:  Playing sports (soccer, boxing, football, etc.) reading, listening to music, working out.

Dr. Alaina Smith

Alaina Smith, M.D.

Hometown:  Benton, AR
Undergrad:  Arkansas State University, Major-Biological Sciences
Medical School:  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Why MUSC:  MUSC had everything I was looking for in a residency program – I knew I’d be able to explore my interests in emergency medicine in a city where I could enjoy current hobbies and develop new ones. Most importantly, the people are amazing and I really felt a sense of belonging with every faculty and resident I interacted with throughout the season, even though it was virtual.
Hobbies:  Hanging out with my friends and family, going to the beach with my dog Archie, Orange Theory, listening to true crime podcasts, kayaking, cycling, Netflix.

Dr. Megan Thomson

Megan Thomson, M.D.

Hometown:  El Paso, TX
Undergrad:  Texas A&M, Major-Biology, Minor-Business Administration
Medical School:  UTHealth-San Antonio
Why MUSC:  Most fun interview by a long shot! It felt like the attendings and residents were super down to earth and funny and just people I wanted to hang out with. I have also always wanted to live near the water and get into all the fun water sports. Plus - the city of Charleston has so much that I'm excited to explore! 
Hobbies:  Hanging out with my husband and my puppy dog Stella, exercising (cycling, CrossFit), finding new yummy restaurants, drinking wine, skiing, scuba, traveling.


Emily Wolery, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown:  Lima, OH
Undergrad:  Xavier University
Medical School:  Medical University of South Carolina
Academic Interests:  Community EM, sports medicine
Why MUSC:  The residents and faculty, the city, diverse patient population.
Hobbies:  Hanging out with my dogs (Scout and Princess), walking, going to the beach, watching football.

Program Year 2 Residents:

Samuel Bradley, DO 

Samuel Bradley, D.O.

Hometown:  Agoura Hills, CA
Undergrad:  University of Arizona
Medical School:  AT Still School of Osteopathic Medicine Arizona
Academic Interests:  Sports medicine, Ultrasound
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC because I felt at home from the first day of my audition rotation. Everyone from the hospital staff, attendings, and residents all made me feel like I was part of the team. The atmosphere and learning environment are second to none and I felt like this was the best place for me to be to continue my education.
Hobbies:  Sports, snowboarding, guitar, piano, chess, dogs, trivia nights.

Madeline Cook, MD

Madeline Cook, M.D.

Hometown:  Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Undergrad:  Henderson State University
Medical School:  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Academic Interests:  Everything
Why MUSC:  Everyone I met on my 4th year rotation here seemed incredibly passionate about our education and providing the best care for our patients. The faculty and residents were the most welcoming I met and were truly fun to be around. Additionally, Charleston has so many beautiful areas to explore.
Hobbies:  Outdoor activities with my two dogs, tennis, gym time, cooking, and trying new things!

Joseph Elfrink, MD

Joseph Elfrink, M.D.

Hometown:  Leopold, MO
Undergrad:  Webster University
Medical School:  Saint Louis University
Academic Interests:  EMS- particularly rural pre-hospital care, medical education, wilderness medicine, sports medicine
Why MUSC:  Exceptional faculty and leadership, 'team' feel, person-centered culture, and relentless respect among residents and faculty alike. Also, my wife likes the beach.
Hobbies:  Gym, family time, sports, reading, a growing list of DIY projects, and working on launching my water sports career. 

Caitlin Foley, DO

Caitlin Foley, D.O.

Hometown:  Sioux City, IA 
Undergrad:  Minnesota State University, Mankato
Medical School:  Western University of Health Sciences
Academic Interests:  Sports medicine, Ultrasound
Why MUSC:  On my audition rotation I fell in love with the program!  The faculty and residents take pride in teaching you and you can tell they really enjoy doing it. The patient population and pathology here is excellent; I saw a diverse array of rare and interesting pathology for the short month while I was here. The family-type environment is palpable (sorry Dr. Bush I stole that line from you because I really like it) where everyone wants you to succeed. Plus, calling Charleston home definitely doesn't suck!
Hobbies:  Playing sports (soccer, golf, tennis, volleyball), laying on the beach with a good book, trying out new craft breweries/wineries.

Colleen Hagopian, MD

Colleen Hagopian, M.D.

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC
Undergrad:  NC State University
Medical School:  Wake Forest School of Medicine
Academic Interests:  Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Ultrasound, MedEd
Why MUSC:  The amazing training opportunities of the program and willingness of residents and faculty to teach and challenge each other in a supportive way.  I also love living in Charleston where I get to spend my time off outdoors or trying out a new restaurant.  It's hard not to be happy with great people and the beach close by.
Hobbies:  Running, Hiking with my husband and dog Ranger, good coffee.

Olivia Holodnik, DO

Olivia Holodnik, D.O.

Hometown:  Rochester, NY
Undergrad:  State University of New York at Geneseo
Medical School:  West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Academic Interests:  Palliative Medicine in the ED, Ultrasound
Why MUSC:  I was very lucky to have the opportunity to rotate here during medical school and the people were all so welcoming, kind and had a passion for teaching! With the diverse patient population, there is incredible opportunities to learn as well as explore interests within Emergency Medicine. MUSC was everything I was looking for and more in beautiful Charleston, SC.
Hobbies:  Swimming, waterskiing, and hanging out with friends and family.

Parker Lewis, DO

Parker Lewis, D.O.

Hometown:  Larkspur, CO
Undergrad:  Colorado State University
Medical School:  Rocky Vista University
Academic Interests:  Global Medicine, Disaster Medicine
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC because of the amazing people I got to know during my Sub-I rotation here! The residents, attendings, and other EM staff really went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Between that, the high quality of training, and the availability of BBQ everywhere in this city, it's tough to beat!
Hobbies:  Playing basketball, working out, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, being the only Denver Nuggets fan in the state.

Justine McKittrick, MD

Justine McKittrick, M.D.

Hometown:  Atlanta, Georgia
Undergrad:  Pepperdine University
Medical School:  Duke University School of Medicine
Academic Interests:  Medical Education, Wilderness Medicine
Why MUSC:  Charleston is the best city! I love being on the coast and close to family. I did my away rotation at MUSC and loved the people and workplace culture. Everyone was happy, supportive, and fun to be around, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this community!
Hobbies:  Running, yoga/Pilates, traveling, boating and being out on the water, dog parks/beaches with my two pups, reading, country music.

Katherine Scarpino, DO

Katherine Scarpino, D.O.

Hometown:  Centerville, Ohio
Undergrad:  Ohio State University
Medical School:  Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Academic Interests:  Addiction Medicine, Ultrasound
Why MUSC:  I absolutely loved my interview with MUSC! Everyone was so kind, welcoming, and passionate about EM. MUSC has a ton of educational resources and ways to pursue your academic interests through the program while also giving you a work-life balance to continue your interests outside of medicine and bond with your fellow residents. Charleston is an awesome city and I am thrilled to live close to multiple beaches and avoid Midwestern winters! 
Hobbies:  Going to the beach, reading, playing soccer, kayaking, biking, hiking, watching sports.

Vernon Paden, MD

Paden Vernon, M.D.

Hometown:  Bardstown, KY
Undergrad:  Transylvania University
Medical School:  University of Kentucky: Bowling Green Campus
Academic Interests:  Community EM, EMS, Sports Medicine
Why MUSC:  First and foremost, the people you interact with every day make this place special. It’s a laid back atmosphere that allows you to experience both failure and success amongst colleagues you can consider friends, married perfectly with the academic rigor of a top-tier program which ultimately sets you up for success no matter your career aspirations moving forward.
Hobbies:  Aviation, sports (particularly baseball), spending time outdoors.

Program Year 1 Interns:

Dr. Hunter Barclay

Hunter Barclay, M.D.

Hometown:  Frostburg, Maryland
Undergrad:  International Affairs at Marshall University
Medical School:  West Virginia University
School of Medicine Academic Interests:  Disaster Medicine, Pediatrics, and Medical Education
Why MUSC:  Growing up in my aptly named hometown of Frostburg, I was ready to trade in my ice scraper for my beach towel. While on my audition rotation, I not only relished the warm weather but also the warm people who I met during this incredible month.  I appreciated that the nurses, techs, pharmacists, and doctors work side-by-side in the pods; this fosters a strong team dynamic.  The faculty is eager to teach on every shift.  The patient population is diverse and holds much respect for the institution. The program leadership also has a great sense of humor and genuinely cares about residents.  While there are many strengths of this program, this residency not only attracts great clinicians but also top-notch humans who have fascinating life experiences and interests beyond medicine.  
Hobbies:  CrossFit, travel blogging, watching Survivor, attending church events, and getting lost in a good book in a coffee shop (there are many great options in Charleston). 

Dr. Luke Bauknight

Luke Bauknight., M.D.

Hometown:  Hartwell, GA
Undergrad:  University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, GA
Medical School:  Mercer University School of Medicine
Academic Interests:  Global Health, Critical Care
Why MUSC:  Where to begin...so much to love about his program!  One of the first things I noticed was how all of the residents were genuinely happy, which speaks volumes about the residency itself.  Faculty are all incredibly smart and talented, and I know they care deeply about the program and it's people.  Charleston is an awesome place to be as well, endless outdoor activities all year long in a beautiful location.  Overall very hard to beat, and I m looking forward to these next 3 years of training!
Hobbies:  Fly fishing, kayaking, camping, wakeboarding/skiing, working out, SCUBA

Dr. Allison Crecelius

Allison Crecelius, D.O.

Hometown:  St. Louis, MO
Undergrad:  Rockhurst University
Medical School:  Kansas City University
Academic interests:  PEM
Why MUSC:  Great people, plus the city ain't too shabby.
Hobbies:  True crime podcasts, reading thriller/horror novels, and being an awesome dog mom.

Dr. Allie Dennis

Allie Dennis, M.D.

Hometown:   Annapolis, MD
Undergrad:  University of Georgia
Medical School:  Virginia Commonwealth University Academic
Interests:  sports med, global health, ultrasound 
Why MUSC:  the supportive and fun community, great program culture, approachable and enthusiastic leadership & the location is tough to beat 
Hobbies:  Watersports, camping, yoga, reading, cooking, gardening

Dr. Brandon Keithley

Brandon Keithley, D.O.

Hometown:  Warrenton, VA
Undergrad:  Christopher Newport University
Medical School:  Rocky Vista University
Academic Interests:  Ultrasound
Why MUSC:  When I visited, the people here were very down to earth and made me feel right at home.  It’s genuinely a community that cares about their residents and their development, both as physicians and as individuals. There is a great mix of personalities that creates such a fun and welcoming environment for education.  Also, the city of Charleston sells itself.  Between the beach, the great food, and the warm weather, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy life outside of the hospital!
Hobbies:  Getting outdoors, relaxing at the beach, golf, live music, cooking, trying new restaurants/craft breweries, traveling  

Dr. Drew Merideth

Drew Merideth, D.O.

Hometown:  East Moline, IL
Undergrad:  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville  
Medical School:  AT Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona   
Academic Interests:  EMS, Wilderness medicine   
Why MUSC:  I had a great experience during my sub I working with faculty and residents.  I knew the training would be high quality and the city is fantastic.  
Hobbies:  Hiking, camping, fishing, video games, movies, sports 

Dr. Bobby Penev

Bobby Penev, D.O.

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Undergrad:  University of Pittsburgh
Medical School:  Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine-Philadelphia Campus
Academic Interests:  EMS, AI quality improvement projects
Why MUSC:  Outstanding work culture, on-shift and off-shift teaching/didactics, high patient acuity, Charleston is a great city.
Hobbies:  Playing guitar, facetiming friends, fitness.

Dr. Stephen Rhode

Stephen Rhode, M.D.

Hometown:  Bryn Mawr, PA
Undergrad:  Northwestern University
Medical School:  Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University 
Academic Interests:  Ultrasound, EMS, Wilderness Medicine
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC because I wanted world-class residency training in one of the most beautiful cities in America. The warm weather, pristine beaches, and friendly people make day-to-day life amazing and help balance the intensity of the emergency room!
Hobbies: Surfing, Fishing, Fitness

Dr. Katherine Rodriguez  

Katherine Rodriguez, M.D.

Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH
Undergrad:  Miami University Oxford, OH
Medical School:  Northeast Ohio Medical University
Academic Interests:  Education and Global Health
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC because everyone was so welcoming and supportive of one other on my away rotation! It’s also great to be in warmer weather and by the beach!
Hobbies:  Playing with my puppy Ollie, amateur tennis player, going to new restaurants.

Dr. Christeena Twal

Christeena Twal, M.D.

Hometown:  Amman, Jordan
Undergrad:  Oakland University, MI.
Major:  Biomedical Sciences 
Medical School:  Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, MI
Academic Interests:  Global Medicine
Why MUSC:  MUSC's Emergency Medicine program combines excellent clinical training with a strong focus on resident well-being. From my time as a visiting med student, it was immediately evident how important building a good culture was to the program leadership. I love being able to get off of a shift and walk around town or hitting the beach on a day off!!
Hobbies:  Playing any sport (especially soccer), crashing into trees while mountain biking with my fiancé, beach time, new adventures and thrill-seeking activities, sampling delicious cuisines (sampling.. devouring.. same thing, right?), and sometimes just doing absolutely nothing.