Emergency Medicine Current Residents

Program Year 3 Residents: 

Dr. Nathan Barr    

Nate Barr, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Undergrad: University of Iowa
Medical School: Boston University
Academic Interests: Community EM, ED flow/efficiency
Why MUSC: Fantastic group of people in a city full of outdoor greatness.
Hobbies: Motorcycles, running, fishing, hanging with my dog

Dr. Henry Burchett

Hank Burchett, M.D.

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Undergrad: University of South Carolina
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Academic Interests: Community EM, wilderness medicine
Why MUSC: MUSC is awesome because of the great relationship we have with the faculty, nurses, techs and everyone else in the ED.
Hobbies: Sailing, traveling, making cocktails, hanging with my dogs 

Dr. Charlotte Collins

Charlotte Collins, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergrad: Washington & Lee University
Medical School: UT Health San Antonio
Academic Interests: Education, wellness
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC for the people, the location and the excellent training.
Hobbies: Traveling, watching true crime documentaries, cooking/baking/eating, reading

Dr. Jordan Esposito

Jordan Esposito, M.D.

Hometown: Greenville, SC
Undergrad: Clemson University
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Academic Interests: Community EM, orthopedics
Why MUSC: Only thing better than the location is the attendings - awesome group to work with and learn from.
Hobbies: Travel, Xbox, beach life, bourbon

Dr. David Hocking

David Hocking, M.D.

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Undergrad: United States Air Force Academy
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Academic Interests: Global health, ultrasound
Why MUSC:  Faculty are generally willing to listen to our feedback and change things that can better our program.
Hobbies: Running, cycling, shooting, music

Dr. Walter Mack Hodges

Mack Hodges, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown: Macon, GA
Undergrad: University of Virginia
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Academic Interests: Ultrasound, resuscitation, wilderness medicine, sports medicine
Why MUSC: Easy going, resident driven program that lets you drive the boat.
Hobbies: BEACH LIFE, outdoor life (hunting, fishing, boating)

Dr. Benjamin Jude

Benjamin Jude, M.D.

Hometown: Huntington, WV
Undergrad: Marshall University
Medical School: Marshall University
Academic interests: Wilderness medicine
Why MUSC: The people. Our attendings are incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging in and out of the ED. The nurses are helpful and genuinely hilarious. The program leadership always has your back and is always accessible. Overall, couldn’t be happier in this family here at MUSC EM.
Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, coffee, video games

Dr. Robert Lenoci

Robert Lenoci, M.D.