Other Resources

Please note that because many of these tools are copyrighted we cannot provide copies. Please contact the individual authors for permissions and copies of these tools. Contact information is available on the page describing each tool in detail.

Other Measurement Tools

The Medical Algorithms Page

Medical Algorithm is any computation, formula, survey, or look-up table, useful in health care. More than 8,000 algorithms, organized into 45 chapters, are available as spreadsheets which can be opened in your browser. Developed by the Institute for Algorithmic Medicine, a non-profit Texas corporation. 

The Brain Attack Coalition

The Brain Attack Coalition is a group of professional, volunteer, and governmental entities dedicated to reducing the occurrence, disability, and death associated with stroke. The goal of the coalition is to strengthen and promote the relationships among its member organizations in order to help stroke patients or those who are at risk for a stroke. Five stroke scales are available for evaluating a stroke patient.

Kidney Disease Quality of Life Working Group

The long form of the KDQOL™ (134 items) was developed in 1994 by the Kidney Disease Quality of Life Working Group with support from Amgen. After release of the KDQOL™ Long Form, the group began work on the KDQOL™ Short Form. The short form was translated into French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese for the Baxter Renal Outcomes Study. Since then, the group has been active in collecting longitudinal data, constructing scoring manuals, and developing software to make the administration and scoring of the KDQOL™ as easy as possible.

MAPI Research Trust

MAPI Research Trust is a non-profit international health outcomes organization established to support and promote research in the field of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL). The trust's team of experienced professionals offers a wide range of expertise and research services. Recognizing that the sharing of information is a crucial element in the development of any science, MAPI Research Trust freely provides information and counsel to academics, non-profit institutions, clinicians, and hospitals. The trust works closely with academics, clinicians, pharmaceutical industry specialists, health authorities, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations to advance the science of quality of life assessment. Numerous questionnaires have been translated into many languages.

Medical Outcomes Trust

The Medical Outcomes Trust is a not for profit organization dedicated to improving health and health care by promoting the science of outcomes measurement, and the development, evaluation and distribution of standardized, high quality instruments that measure health and the outcomes of medical care. The trust supports the use of these instruments with services and publications.

QualityMetric Inc.

QualityMetric Incorporated, an independent privately held corporation based in Lincoln, RI, was founded in 1997 by John E. Ware, Jr., Ph.D., principal developer of the SF-36®, SF-12®, and SF-8™ health surveys, the most widely used health assessment surveys in the world. In addition, QualityMetric offers short form surveys for many chronic disease states that can be used to predict risk, inform treatment decisions, and provide insight on the functioning and well-being of defined populations.

Stanford Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC)

The Stanford SMRC (formerly Stanford Patient Education Research Center) has about 20 years of experience developing, adapting, and testing self-administered scales in English and Spanish for research subjects with chronic diseases. These scales are here for you to use in your own research at no cost, thanks to funding from the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR).