Robinson’s Laboratory

Our lab is focused on understanding the impact of metabolic disorders on both normal and pathological brain aging. Metabolic risk factors such diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol alters brain function and has negative consequences on learning and memory. These factors likely induce changes in various pathways years prior to any noticeable symptom. The goals of our laboratory are to identify these early changes in order to develop novel therapeutic targets to delay or prevent disease progression. We are particularly interested in the impact of diet on cognitive function, Alzheimer’s disease onset and progression, and stroke recovery. Although we are a basic science laboratory our goal is to perform translational research. Hence, we collaborate with clinical scientists to ensure our preclinical research is translatable.

Interested in joining the Robinson’s Team?

Potential undergraduate/graduate/medical students: Please email Dr. Catrina Robinson at to check for availability.

Postdoctoral fellows: Please email Catrina Robinson at and include a copy your CV.

Team group photo