Schmidt Laboratory Publications


Schmidt ERE and Polleux F

Genetic mechanisms underlying the evolution of connectivity in the human cortex.

Frontiers in Neural Circuits

Park JM, Hong YK*, Rodgers CC*, Dahan JB, Schmidt ERE, Bruno RM (*contributed equally)

Deep and superficial layers of the primary somatosensory cortex are critical for whisker-based texture discrimination in mice.


Schmidt ERE, Zhao HT, Park JM, Dipoppa M*, Monsalve-Mercado MM*, Dahan JB, Rodgers CC, Lejeune A, Hillman EMC, Miller KD, Bruno RM, Polleux F (*contributed equally)

A human-specific modifier of cortical connectivity and circuit function

Nature 599, 640-644


Brignani S*, Raj DDA*, Schmidt ERE, Dudukcu Ö, Adolfs Y, De Ruiter AA, Rybiczka-Tesulov M, Verhagen MG, Van der Meer C, Broekhoeven M, Moreno-Bravo JA, Grossouw LM, Dumontier E, Cloutier J-F, Chédotal A, Pasterkamp RJ (*contributed equally)

Remotely produced and axon-derived Netrin-1 instructs GABAergic neuron migration and dopaminergic substantia nigra development in the ventral midbrain.

Neuron 107, 684-702


Shin B, Kupferman J, Schmidt ERE, Polleux F, Delany AM, Lee S-K

Rac1 inhibition via Srgap2 restrains inflammatory osteoclastogenesis and limits the clastokine, SLIT3.

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 1-12

Schmidt ERE, Kupferman JV, Stackmann M, Polleux F

The human-specific paralogs SRGAP2B and SRGAP2C differentially modulate SRGAP2A-dependent synaptic development.

Scientific Reports 9:18692, 1-8


Schmidt ERE, Pasterkamp RJ

The molecular mechanisms controlling morphogenesis and wiring of the habenula.

Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior 162, 29-37


Fossati M, Pizzarelli R, Schmidt ERE, Kupferman JV, Stroebel D, Polleux F, Charrier C

SRGAP2 and its human-specific paralog co-regulate the development of excitatory and inhibitory synapses.

Neuron 91, 356-369


Schmidt ERE, Brignani S, Adolfs Y, Lemstra S, Demmers J, Vidaki M, Donahoo AS, Lilleväli K, Vasar E, Richards LJ, Karagogeos D, Kolk SM, Pasterkamp RJ

Subdomain-mediated axon-axon signaling and chemoattraction cooperate to regulate afferent innervation of the lateral habenula.

Neuron 83, 372-287

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Manitt C, Eng C, Pokinko M, Ryan RT, Torres-Berrio A, Lopez JP, Yogendran SV, Daubaras MJ, Grant A, Schmidt ERE, Tronche F, Krimpenfort P, Cooper HM, Pasterkamp RJ, Kolb B, Turecki G, Wong TP, Nestler EJ, Giros B, Flores C

DCC orchestrates the development of the prefrontal cortex during adolescence and is altered in psychiatric patients.

Translational Psychiatry 3, e338

Auger ML, Schmidt ERE, Manitt C, Dal-Bo G, Pasterkamp RJ, Flores C

Unc5c haploinsufficient phenotype: striking similarities with the dcc haploinsufficiency model.

European Journal of Neuroscience 38, 2853-2863


Schmidt ERE, Morello F, Pasterkamp RJ

Dissection and culture of mouse dopaminergic and striatal explants in three-dimensional collagen matrix assays.

Journal of Visualized Experiments 61, e3691


Vorstman JA, van Daalen E, Jalali GR, Schmidt ERE, Pasterkamp RJ, de Jonge M, Hennekam EA, Janson E, Staal WG, van der Zwaag B, Burbach JP, Kahn RS, Emanuel BS, van Engeland H, Ophoff RA

A double hit implicates DIAPH3 as an autism risk gene.

Molecular Psychiatry 16, 442-451


Schmidt ERE, Pasterkamp RJ, Van den Berg LH

Axon guidance proteins: novel therapeutic targets for ALS?

Progress in Neurobiology 88, 286-301