Drs. Schlosser and Soler, ENT specialists

Faculty Development

The Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery recognizes that opportunities for mentoring, professional and personal development are critical to the successful recruitment and retention of the highest quality faculty.

The goal is for all faculty members in the department to achieve their individual full potential as faculty members of the Medical University of South Carolina and to be rewarded for that achievement. Since the University is a place where everyone is learning, it is vital that each member of the faculty see tangible evidence of that professional growth, whether it be in the easily measured domains of writing papers for publication, writing and receiving grants, or preparing and presenting lectures for students and trainees of our colleges, or in the less easily measured aspects of teaching students, residents and fellows, mentoring young investigators and junior faculty, or developing clinical expertise by specializing in some area of clinical medicine. It is incumbent on faculty members, their mentors, department chairs, and the university leadership to see that tangible progress is being made and documented. This mentoring plan is designed to assist in this process. 

A structured mentorship and faculty development program reflective of the mission and culture of the department, yet flexible to the goals of the individual faculty member was developed in the fall of 2005 by a provisional committee composed of junior and senior faculty members who provided input based on their experiences and perceptions of the critical elements necessary to cultivate the success of junior faculty members in an academic medical setting. A standing Mentorship/Faculty Development Committee (MFD) composed of six senior faculty was formed and charged with ensuring the successful implementation of the plan that was formally implemented in January, 2006.

Review the Mentorship/Faculty Development Plan (PDF)