Clinical Chemistry Rotation

The purpose of the rotation in Clinical Chemistry is to introduce the subject to residents who will practice in a community hospital. We provide you with information in a variety of ways including bench work, Pathologist-Resident review of laboratory material (electrophoresis spectrophotometric scans, chromatography patterns, etc.), projects, patient chart reviews, presentations, and conferences. We will help you prepare properly for the Chemistry portion of the American Board of Pathology examination. 

Clinical Chemistry is a rapidly evolving discipline that requires the pathologist to learn how to learn for the rest of their lives. It is important that you take an active role in learning to use a wide variety of techniques and methods, and to continually to update your knowledge. 

The faculty and the technical staff look forward to working with you and teaching you about the assays from a clinical and analytical point of view. We want to share our knowledge about how to run a high quality lab using state of the art equipment. 

We would encourage you to get involved with interesting cases, problematic clinical assays, matters that could lead to further investigations, improvement of testing, case reports, and establishment of new methods, etc.