The Dermatopathology rotation is intended to provide the Pathology resident with an in-depth exposure to gross and microscopic diagnosis of cutaneous diseases. The resident will be expected to attend the sign-out sessions, which occur every afternoon. After completion of the sign-out, the Pathology resident will be responsible for grossing in specimens for the following day. This duty will be shared with the Dermatopathology fellow and the Dermatology resident rotating on the service. The Pathology resident will also be responsible for dictating the reports of a portion of the cases received from within the institution. 

Because it is important for the Pathology resident to understand the clinicopathologic correlation between gross and microscopic aspects of cutaneous diseases, he or she is expected to attend the Dermatology outpatient clinics at the Veterans Administration Hospital on the appropriate mornings. Initially, the Pathology residents will be precepted by Senior Dermatology residents until their skills are appropriate for seeing patients independently. In addition, the Pathology resident should plan to attend all morning Dermatology teaching conferences. If there is a Pathology teaching conference that conflicts with the Dermatology teaching conference, then the Pathology resident may be exempted from the Dermatology conference on that day. The Dermatopathology conference is held every Monday morning at 7:30 am. and is a required aspect of the rotation. Mornings when not in clinic, are intended for individual study. Teaching sets are maintained in the Dermatopathology reading room, which should be utilized extensively during the rotation.