This rotation includes both surgical and autopsy neuropathology. Surgical neuropathology includes brain biopsies for neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease, muscle biopsies, and nerve biopsies. Autopsy neuropathology includes disease processes that affect the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves or muscle. The evaluation of these specimens frequently includes immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy. 

The resident will assume primary responsibility for case evaluation and diagnosis. This includes gross description, microscopic description, and clinicopathologic correlation. Interesting case material may be presented at conferences. 

The resident will be available and on-call as for any surgical pathology or autopsy rotation. He/she will receive specimens in the operating room for frozen tissue diagnosis, review the neuroimaging studies, and obtain a clinical history from the neurosurgeon. Following frozen section diagnosis, the resident will carry the case through to final diagnosis. The resident will be responsible for all neuropathology surgical pathology specimens, dictation, and sign-out with the appropriate attending. The resident will perform electron microscopy as indicated.