Surgical Pathology Consultation and Tumor Board

This rotation is set up to allow upper level residents to preview and sign-out all the consultation specimens (excluding dermatopathology), and present cases at the variety of tumor boards. This will allow the resident to see interesting and difficult cases as well as interact with the clinicians at the various tumor boards. 

The resident will preview the consultation cases, order special stains, and create preliminary diagnoses to be signed out with the appropriate attending pathologist that same day. If appropriate, the resident will be expected to call the referring physician. 

The resident is expected to help collect and present cases at the following tumor boards: 

  • Breast Correlation Conference (Dr. Metcalf)
  • Head/Neck Tumor Board (Dr. Richardson)
  • Liver Conference (Dr. Lewin)
  • Thoracic Tumor Board (Drs. Lewin/Bilic/Riemer)
  • Pediatric Tumor Board (Dr. Welsh) 
  • GI Tumor Board (Dr. Lewin)
  • Brain Tumor Board (Dr. Welsh)
  • Gynecology Tumor Board (Dr. Madory)
  • Liver Tumor Board (Dr. Lewin)