Darby Research Institute

Here's how the Charles P. Darby Children's Research Institute enhances the level of care we provide our children:

  • The top physicians are generally drawn to the top hospitals - those on the cutting edge of discovery and innovation. The Institute gives us that edge, helping us recruit and retain the best specialists in the world.
  • The Institute enables us to compete more efficiently for grants, generating more money for children's medical research.
  • The Institute heavily equipped with the latest technologies and research resources. As a result, our patients have access to the most modern facilities and technologies available anywhere.
  • The added space has allowed MUSC Children's Hospital to integrate its pediatric research program across the state, colleges, and departments. This promotes greater collaboration among scientists and physicians, resulting in a more efficient and productive approach to research.
  • Research institutes can apply the findings of their research more rapidly than hospitals that must wait for innovations to "trickle down." Because of the Darby Children's Research Institute, our patients are on the cutting edge of innovative treatment options.

Located next to the Basic Sciences building on Ashley Avenue, the seven-story institute houses 150 state-of-the-art laboratory modules, 11 research programs, and approximately 150 investigators and staff. Here, researchers work non-stop to discover the causes of and cures for ailments that continue to afflict our children, including:

  • Cancer and blood disorders
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • AIDS and other immunological diseases
  • Genetic disorders
  • Mental retardation and learning disabilities
  • Pneumonia and respiratory syncytial virus
  • Diabetes, which afflicts more than 311,000 children and adults in South Carolina.

The work being performed in these areas raises the level of care not only at MUSC Children's Hospital but also throughout the entire Medical University. Research conducted at the Institute could potentially assist children throughout the world. View a description of the research projects currently being conducted on each floor of the Darby Children's Research Institute.