Image of 2017 PhD and MS graduates in regalia

MS & Ph.D. Course List

BMTRY-700: Introduction to Clinical Biostatistics (Biostatistics I)

BMTRY-701: Biostatistical Methods II

BMTRY-702: Advanced ANOVA and Regression

BMTRY-706: Theoretical Foundations of Statistics I

BMTRY-707: Theoretical Foundations of Statistics II

BMTRY-711: Analysis of Categorical Data

BMTRY-713: Infectious Disease Epidemiology

BMTRY-714: Linear Models in Biology and Medicine

BMTRY-717: Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials

BMTRY-719: Bayesian Biostatistics

BMTRY-722: Analysis of Survival Data

BMTRY-724: Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials

BMTRY-725: Grant Development of Clinical Research

BMTRY-726: Multivariate Methods in Biology and Medicine

BMTRY-734: Cancer Epidemiology

BMTRY-736: Foundations of Epidemiology (Epidemiology I)

BMTRY-737: Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Diseases

BMTRY-738: Field Epidemiology (3)

BMTRY-745: Environmental Epidemiology

BMTRY-747: Foundations of Epidemiology II

BMTRY-748: Foundations of Epidemiology III

BMTRY-757: Molecular Epidemiology

BMTRY-759: Health Disparities

BMTRY-761: Longitudinal Data Analysis

BMTRY-763: Spatial Epidemiology: Statistical Methods & Applications

BMTRY-765: Chronic Disease Epidemiology

BMTRY-766: Methods and Outcomes in Cancer Population Sciences

BMTRY-776: Public Health Seminar

BMTRY-777: Cancer Health Equity Research

BMTRY-779: Advanced Inference

BMTRY-781: Methods in Clinical Cancer Research

BMTRY-783: Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics

BMTRY-784: Biostatistical Methods III

BMTRY-785: Probability and Statistical Inference

BMTRY-790: Machine Learning and Data Mining