Medical Student & Resident Electives

Resident Elective

Forensic Psychiatry and Community Mental Health

This is a 1 to 12 month part-time elective that allows the resident to function in the role of consultant regarding forensic mental health issues. There are multiple different opportunities to include participation in: criminal court ordered evaluations for competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility; civil court ordered evaluations under the state’s Sexually Violent Predator Act; family court evaluations for child custody, termination of parental rights, and adoptions; civil court evaluations for workers’ compensation and disability claims; group treatment of persons who have committed sexual offenses; probate court assessments; other forensic evaluations, treatment settings, and research projects. The resident is also able to observe court room testimony and etiquette by attending trials and other legal proceedings. As mental health education is a primary goal of this rotation, the resident may also attend and facilitate seminars on mental health issues relevant to the legal system. Supervision is provided by forensic psychiatrist and psychologic and is coordinated by Dr. Fields, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Gottfried.

Medical Student Elective

Forensic Psychiatry is a challenging and exciting field that interfaces psychiatry with the legal system. Students will learn the fundamental principles of forensic psychiatry, including principles related to mentally ill criminal defendants, issues related to the treatment of mentally ill in correctional and outpatient settings, civil commitment procedures, and the fundamental differences between forensic psychiatric evaluations and clinical psychiatric evaluations. They will be provided opportunities to learn about legal matters as they pertain to psychiatric patients of all ages to include children, adolescents and adults. For the interested, a Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab track and a research track are available within this course. Interdisciplinary Education: This elective not only benefits students interested in Psychiatry, but also those interested in Internal Medicine (and subspecialties), Family Medicine, and Pediatrics.