Frequently Asked Questions


I Have a New Client That I Would Like to Register. What Do I Do?

Please send an email to the PATS Program Coordinator including the age, gender, ethnicity, and referral source for your client (Please DO NOT send us any other identifying information). We will send you your Client ID once we have received this information. We will try to get your client ID to you as soon as possible (and this may not occur in the same day).

It is important to keep track of your client ID in order to complete assessments and weekly metrics surveys (we suggest writing it down somewhere convenient). 

My Client Moved, Has Stopped Treatment, Has Been Transferred or Has Completed TF-CBT. What Should I Do?

When a client stops treatment or has completed the TF-CBT protocol, it is important to fill out the PATS Client Exit Form which may be found on the website under the “Assessments and Other Resources” page (at the bottom). Simply download the form, fill it out and fax it to us at 843-792-7146. 

When your client finishes TF-CBT, you will need to submit the post-assessment packet along with the Exit Form.


Where Can I Find the Assessments to Administer to My Client?

The assessments can be found on your collaborative’s website. Choose the appropriate collaborative on the right-hand side.

Login with username “pats” and password “nctsn”. Click on the link “Click here for access to Pre-Work, Assessments and Resources”. Please download the entire assessment packet which will include the MFQ, CATS, and Trauma Screen for both client and caregiver. This will help ensure that you are not missing any documentation when you submit your assessments.

Did You Receive the Assessments That I Faxed Last Week?

When we have received the assessments and have entered them into our database, we will email you a confirmation of what documents we have received, and what documents may be still missing. The turnaround time for this process varies depending on the influx of faxes during a given week.


Can I Go Back & Complete a Weekly Metrics Survey That Was Due Several Weeks Ago?

Unfortunately, the weekly metrics must be completed by the due date (the following Wednesday) as listed in the reminder emails in order to receive credit. Please do your best to fill out the surveys in a timely manner.

I don’t Have a Client ID. Should I Still Complete the Weekly Metrics?

Yes. If you do not have any clients or have not received a Client ID for a client that you have requested to register, you may still complete the weekly metrics. You should respond that you did not see any PATS clients that week. 

**Please do not use “0” or assign an arbitrary number to your clients before receiving your Client ID**

You will still receive credit for completing the weekly metrics without answering the specific questions about your current clients.

I am a Clinical Supervisor. Do I Need to Complete Two Sets of Metrics Each Week?

Yes. As a clinical supervisor, you will receive both therapist weekly metrics and clinical supervisor weekly metrics. They both should be completed each week and are not time consuming to fill out.

Consultation Calls

How Can I Figure Out When My Next Call Is?

Call reminders are sent out the day before each call. At the beginning of the collaborative, you should have received a call schedule with a day of the week and time of the call. Please put these calls into your calendar to avoid confusion. In addition, at the end of each call, the call leader will remind you of the next call date and time. On rare occasions, the day of the call may switch and you will be notified prior to the call.

I’m Having Trouble Getting on the Call, What Should I Do?

The call reminders include the information about how to get onto your consultation call. If you are still having trouble, please email or call the PATS Program Coordinator immediately so the conflict may be resolved. It is very important to get on the call at the specified time in order to receive credit for attendance. When you are on the call, be sure that the call leader has recorded your attendance so you will receive credit. 

I Missed My Call Today, & I’m Worried That I Won’t Have Enough Calls to Roster. Are There Any That I Can Make Up?

First – we understand that it is difficult to attend every call, as scheduled. Each group will hold 14 calls to allow for participants to miss 2 calls and still meet the 12 required. While we encourage you to attend the calls for your designated group, you are still welcome to make up a call with another group. It is helpful for you to let us know if you cannot make a call. Also, if you would like to make up a missed call, please email the PATS Program Coordinator or Assistant and let her know so that she can inform the call leader. In order to maximize group cohesion, we encourage everyone to remain within their designated call group, as much as possible.

How Many Calls Do I Need to Attend?

  • Brokers and Senior Leaders: 6 out of 7
  • Clinicians and Clinical Supervisors: 12 out of 14 calls

Please plan to be on as many calls as possible so you will avoid unforeseen circumstances that could prevent you from completing your requirements.

I Was Late on Today’s Call. Will It Still Count?

You must be on the call for at least 30 minutes in order for it to count as a completed call. Please let your call consultant know as soon as you join the call.

Scorecards & Progress Reports

What Are the Scorecards & Progress Reports?

Scorecards provide a monthly ‘snapshot’ of participants’ progress in the CBLCs. For CBLCs, senior leaders will receive a copy of the score card for participants within their agency each month. The scorecards provide information on # of calls attended, # of training cases registered, receipt of pre and post treatment assessments, percent of metrics completed, and receipt of exit forms.

Progress reports are also sent out monthly, but these go to all participants. They include overall information about participation (not separated by agencies), such as total # of clinicians, # of training cases, # of assessments administered, participation in consultation calls and weekly metrics, and case progress with TF-CBT.

Who Receives the Scorecards & Progress Reports?

In Community-Based Learning Collaboratives, Senior Leaders will receive the scorecards about all of their participants in the collaborative and their participation so far. For clinical Learning Collaboratives, Clinical Supervisors will receive the scorecards. The scorecards are designed as a way to encourage participation and engagement in weekly metrics, calls, and training cases. 

All participants in the collaborative will receive a progress report about the entire collaborative statistics and status thus far.

The Scorecard I/My Supervisor Received Was Not Correct. What Should I Do?

Since we send out the scorecard based on ongoing data collection, which changes daily, some information on the scorecard may not be updated by the time you or your supervisor receives it (i.e., call attendances, case registration, metrics completion). If you have any questions regarding the discrepancy, feel free to inquire with us.

Learning Sessions

I Can’t Attend One (or Both) Days of a Learning Session. Will This Affect My Completion?

In order to complete all the requirements for the training, you will need to attend all Learning Sessions for the entire duration of the training. The training dates are scheduled far in advance so you are able to plan around the dates accordingly.

I am a Senior Leader & am Unable to Attend a Learning Session Due to a Work Conflict, Can I Send a Delegate In My Place?

Although in some cases, we understand that Senior Leaders have important obligations and cannot attend Learning Sessions, training is considered to be a “two-way street” where participants learn and receive information as well as contribute to the conversations in person. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of active participation and encourage you to make every effort to attend all Learning Sessions.