Edgefield County

Professionals Offering Services in Edgefield County


Latasha Broomfield, M.A., LPC, CACI, NCC
Mental Health Professional
Edgefield Mental Health Clinic
o) 803-637-5788
(f) 803-637-0753
Counties served: Edgefield

Alicia Caldwell MA CAC1
MDFT Supervisor
Beckman Mental Health Services
1547 Parkway
Greenwood SC 29646
864-889-9609 (Office)
864-554-0173 (Cell)
864-223-3706 (Fax)

Mary Earle Campbell, LPC-I
Child Advocacy Center of Aiken
4231 Trolley Line Rd.
Aiken, SC 29802
Office: 803-644-5100
Fax: 803-644-7233

Terrence Charles
SC Youth Advocate Program SC and Still Water Counseling Augusta GA
1076 Oxpens Rd.
Warrenville, SC 29851
Office: 803-640-9127

Sherry P. Cheatham, MA, LPC
Assistant Director / Long Term Counselor
Cumbee Center, Inc.
PO Box 1293
Aiken, SC 29802
Office: 803-649-0480
Cell: 803-257-2797
Fax: 803-641-4163

Tara Compton, MEd, LPCI
Avalonia Group Homes, Inc./Hampton PRTF
404 Hampton Ave.
Pickens, SC 29671
Cell: 864-770-3177
Fax: 864-878-7276

Mallory Davis, EdS, MEd, LPCI
Clinical Counselor
Cyber Academy of South Carolina
330 Pelham Rd. #101
Greenville, SC 29615
Office: 864-236-4006 ext. 4035

Jennifer C. Duffie, LISW-CP
Clinical Counselor
Piedmont Health Group Counseling Services
103 Little Mountain Rd.
Ninety-Six, SC 29666
Office: 864-223-5111
Fax: 864-223-9245

DeMorrie Evans, LMSW
Social Worker
5000 Broad River Rd.
Columbia, SC 29212
Office: 803-896-4753

Marnie Frailey, LMSW
Social Worker
SC Department of Juvenile Justice
4900 Broad River Rd.
Columbia, SC 29210
Office: 803-896-8914

Heidi Hoogstraal, LPCS
Quality Assurance Director
Beckman Mental Health Center
Edgefield Mental Health Clinic
Edgefield, SC 29684
1547 Parkway Greenwood, S.C. 29646
Office: (864) 889-9371
hhh03@scdmh.org, heidi.hoogstraal@scdmh.org

Allana Johnson, MEd, LAPC
Clinical Coordinator
Child Advocacy Center of Aiken County
4231 Trolley Line Rd.
Aiken, SC 29801
Office: 803-644-5100
Fax: 803-644-7233

Holly May MA, LPC, NIC, QHMI
Program Manager, Deaf Services
SC Department of Mental Health
20 Powderhorn Rd.
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Office: 864-963-3421
Cell: 803-667-0729
Fax: 864-967-8617

Martha Moore, LPC
Child & Adolescent Counselor
305 Creek Rd. West
Greenwood, SC 29646
Office: 209-605-8983

Alice Murphy, M.S., LPC-A, NCC, DCC
Family Advocate Coordinator / Therapist
4231 Trolley Line Road
Aiken, SC 29801

Cynthia Neumire
Regional Counselor
SC Department of Mental Health - Deaf Services
20 Powderhorn Rd.
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Office: 864-982-0984
Fax: 864-962-0758

Candin Phillips
Mental Health Therapist
One Havenwood Lane
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
Office: 864-660-6233
Cell: 662-816-4912

Pamela Rice
Facility Director
Alston Wilkes Society Columbia Youth Home
401 Lawand Dr.
Columbia, SC 29210
Office: 803-772-6191
Cell: 803-530-0918
Fax: 803-772-5962

Roxanne Roybal de Diaz, MA, LPC/I
Child Advocate Coordinator / Therapist
Child Advocacy Center of Aiken County
4231 Trolley Line Rd.
Aiken, SC 29801
PO Box 1763
Aiken, SC 29802
Office: 803-644-5100
Fax: 803-644-7233

Jacorie Slater
Lead Clinical Staff
Alston Wilkes Society
3518 Medical Dr.
Columbia, SC 29203
Office: 803-799-2490 ext.350
Cell: 803-587-9942
Fax: 803-771-4766

Gail Smith, MEd, HSC I, NCC
County Director
Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Supervisor, PEAR Network
Edgefield Mental Health
409 Simpkins St.
Edgefield, SC 29824
Office: 803-637-5788
Fax: 803-637-0753

Ryan Wilson, MA, LPC
Broadstep, Inc.
Hampton PRTF
404 Hampton Ave, Pickens SC 29642

Courtney Woodruff, LPC-I
Hampton PRTF
404 Hampton Ave.
Pickens, SC 29671
Cell: 864-551-1056
Fax: 864-878-7276


Kathryn I. Bozik
Program Director
Foster Care Review Board
1205 Pendleton St. STE 436
Columbia, SC 29201
Office: 803-734-0416
Fax: 803-734-1223

Jessica Gawler
Violence Prevention Program Manager
Healing Species
PO Box 1202
Orangeburg, SC 29116
Office: 803-535-6543
Cell: 803-767-1198

Cory R. Green
Assessment and Planning Coordinator
SC Department of Social Services
1410 Park Ave, SE
Aiken, SC 29801
PO Box 1268
Aiken, SC 29802
Office: 803-642-3629
Cell: 803-507-0144
Fax: 803-641-7669

Laurie Holt
DSS Prevention Liaison
C/O Aiken County DSS
1410 Park Ave. SE
Aiken, SC 29801
Office: 803-761-2865
Cell: 803-617-9498
Fax: 803-6414147

Diane Rowan
Foster Care Health Liaison
Select Health of SC (First Choice)
4390 Belle Oaks Dr. Suite 400
North Charleston, SC 29420
Office: 843-414-2681
Fax: 866-533-5493

Moronda Talley
County Director
Department of Social Services - Edgefield
120 W.A. Reel Dr.
Edgefield, SC 29824

Mailing address:
PO Box 644
Edgefield, SC 29824
Phone: (803) 384-4073
Cell: (864) 993-2791
Fax: (803) 637-5230

Faxie Watt
DSS Clinical Specialist
SC Department of Social Services
2638 Two Notch Rd. Suite 200
Office: 803-898-8956
Cell: 803-238-3374
Fax: 803-898-8971

Senior Leaders

Salley Branch
Team V Performance Coach
SC Department of Social Services
237 Log Branch Rd.
Bamberg, SC 29003
Office: 803-245-5147
Cell: 803-603-8453
Fax: 803-245-2184

Brenda L. Gorski, Esq.
General Counsel
Cass Elias McCarter Guardian ad Litem Program
1205 Pendleton St. Room 447
Columbia, SC 29201
Office: 803-734-1875­­
Cell: 803-497-5436
Fax: 803-734-1694

Gayle Lofgren
Executive Director
Child Advocacy Center of Aiken County
4231 Trolley Line Rd.
PO Box 1763
Aiken, SC 29802
Office: 803-644-5100
Fax: 803-644-7233

Renaye S. Long, LMSW, MPA
Assistant Director of Children’s Services
SC Department of Mental Health
Division of Community Mental Health Services
Office of Children, Adolescents, and their Families (CAF)
2414 Bull St. Room 304
Columbia, SC 29202
Office: 803-898-8340
Fax: 803-898-8347

Rhonda McCurry
Chief Operating Officer
SC Youth Advocate Program
140 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 350
Columbia, SC 29210
Office: 803-779-5500
Fax: 803-779-8444

Sally S. Mintz
DSS Liaison / Project Facilitator
Department of Juvenile Justice
1620 Shivers Rd.
Columbia, SC 29210
Office: 803-896-7538
Cell: 803-984-2691
Fax: 803-896-7550

Brenda Parker MA, CACII
Manager School-based Services SCDMH
2414 Bull St.
Columbia, SC 29203
Office: 803-898-8636
Cell: 803-230-8003

Harold "Pat" Patrick, MSW, LISW
Families First Director
SC Department of Social Services
3366 Rivers Ave.
North Charleston, SC 29405
Office: 843-953-9846
Cell: 843-412-3474

Tacey A. Perillo LMFT, LMFTS
Director of Child, Adolescent & Family Services
Beckman Center for Mental Health Services
1547 Parkway
Greenwood, SC 29646
Office: 864-223-8331
Fax: 864-223-3706

Lee Porter, MA, MEd
Chief Program Officer
Children’s Trust of South Carolina
PO Box 11644
Columbia, SC 29211
Office: 803-744-4035
Fax: 803-744-4020

Rebecca Sharp
Senior Manager
Department of Social Services
PO Box 1520
Columbia, SC 29202
Office: 803-898-1881

Whitney Vovou, LPC
Director of Clinical Services
Lighthouse Care Center of Conway
152 Waccamaw Medical Park Dr.
Conway, SC 29526
Office: 843-234-6122
Cell: 843-687-3400
Fax: 843-234-6611

Roger Williams
Director, Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
SC Department of Mental Health
214 Bull St. PO Box 485
Columbia, SC 29201
Office: 803-898-8301
Cell: 864-230-4429
Fax: 803-898-8347