Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Web2.0

What is TF-CBTWeb2.0?

TF-CBTWeb2.0 is a new web-based course for learning Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The new course reflects significant changes in the way the treatment is organized and trained, includes new training videos (along with some of the old ones), and expanded coverage of cultural considerations and developmental issues that affect the delivery of the treatment. Plus, the new course includes better web technology that allows it to function better and more attractively across desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. 

TF-CBTWeb2.0 is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, and use the learning experiences when it is convenient for you. Once you have completed TF-CBTWeb2.0, you can return as often as you like to "brush up" on techniques, watch demonstrations, or download the resources. There is a $35 registration fee for the course.