Application Materials

The Charleston Consortium uses the AAPI Online to evaluate all applicants. For purposes of our program, the most important components of your application include the cover letter, the applicant’s CV, the AAPI application, the personal essays, and letters of recommendation. We do not require or evaluate any supplemental documents.

Our application review process works most efficiently when applicants provide the above materials in a format that is simple, straightforward, and easy to digest. The cover letter should include information regarding which track(s) you wish to be considered for and your perceptions of your match with our program. Because our internship includes mentored research training, you should include some indication of the research areas in which you see yourself as a match, as well. Applicants need not have one-to-one clinical or research matches with our rotations and faculty in order to be considered; however, we would like to know where and how you see yourself fitting with the diverse clinical and research training experiences offered within the Consortium.

With respect to letters of recommendation, you may provide three or four letters. Please do not provide more than that. We are very eager to read recommendations from both clinical supervisors and research mentors, so please select your letter writers accordingly.

If you have any questions about the requirements, please email the program.