Women's Reproductive Behavioral Health

Residents have the opportunity to rotate through our Women’s Reproductive Behavioral Health Division, typically in the 3rd and/or 4th years of training. This clinic serves a wide range of pregnant and postpartum women, including those with pre-existing and new mental health and substance use disorders. Residents will be able to participate in a walk-in clinic for new evaluations as well as to follow patients over time, both for psychotherapy and medication management.

Postpartum depression is a severe condition which affects upwards of 20% of women. Brexanolone is the first drug to be specifically approved for postpartum depression, gaining its FDA approval in March of 2019. The administration of Brexanolone is available through a restricted program called the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy Program and takes place through a continuous 60 hour infusion. Women who receive this treatment are enrolled in this program and receive the infusion at a certified health care facility under the close supervision of a health care provider.

In addition to clinical experience for residents, the department also offers a fellowship in reproductive psychiatry.

Meet the full reproductive behavioral health team here.