Administrative Core

The Administrative Core serves as the centralized coordinating nexus for the Charleston Alcohol Research Center (ARC). The Administrative Core provides the organizational framework necessary for effective management of all administrative, research, training, and educational activities connected to the ARC.

The Administrative Core provides:

  • Scientific and administrative leadership for the ARC in promoting, facilitating, and integrating cohesive, multidisciplinary and translationally-oriented research activities both within the Center and the general academic environment.
  • Organizational structure for unambiguous and efficient management of Center activities, priorities, and resource allocation, including oversight and quality control activities.
  • Administrative support for handling all fiscal services and management, as well as preparation of administrative reports.
  • Infrastructure for facilitating communication along with strategies for enhancing integration of ARC research and training activities.
  • Scientific enrichment activities, a vibrant and fertile training environment for the next generation of alcohol researchers and facilitates educational and outreach activities through dissemination of research discoveries to academic, treatment, and lay public audiences.